30 May 2015

Volvo Electric Bus Gets Cute Short Film About Love

Originally published on EV Obsession. A new short film from Volvo showcasing the many advantages of electric buses — dubbed “Route 55″ — was recently unveiled. For those who don’t know, Volvo is currently involved in the ElectriCity
30 May 2015

US EPA to provide $1.6bn financing for EchoWater project in Sacramento

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will provide $ 1.6bn financing to to upgrade the Sacramento regional wastewater treatment plant in California. CTBR – News
29 May 2015

“Pretend Divestment” Versus Real Divestment In Norway’s Sovereign Wealth Fund

Norway’s sovereign wealth fund announced to the world it had divested from 51 coal companies in 2014 earlier this year, signaling one of the biggest divestment announcements of the current global divestment trend. However, a new report has
29 May 2015

Orix acquires 33.3% stake in Japanese offshore wind farm

Japanese financial services firm Orix has acquired a 33.3% stake in a 100MW offshore wind project in Ibaraki prefecture through an equity investment. CTBR – News
29 May 2015

Tesla History In 15 Minutes (Video)

Originally published on EV Obsession. Do you consider yourself a Tesla fan? Is the Model S P85D your dream car? Do you think you know all there is to know about the world’s best electric car? Then
29 May 2015

Honeywell and TPDDL complete automated demand response project in India

Honeywell and Tata Power Delhi Distribution (TPDDL) have deployed an automated demand response project for commercial and industrial plants in India. CTBR – News
29 May 2015

Dutch Solar Bike Path Pleases Many

If the very idea of producing a solar bike path has urged a fair share of naysayers to see red — as in too many dollars — it has also sparked a growing positive response. Now, with
29 May 2015

Free-Wheeling Liberty Encouraged By The Federal Highway Administration

The Netherlands rouses many bicycle advocates (as well as those who love good mass transit and walking), with some of the world’s best-rated urban planning. Perhaps the USA is finally catching their drift. Americans will find more free-wheeling liberty encouraged by
29 May 2015

Kyocera, partners to construct 92MW solar plant Kagoshima, Japan

Kyocera, Gaia Power, Kyudenko and Century Tokyo Leasing have agreed to jointly build a 92MW solar power plant in Japan. CTBR – News
28 May 2015

Insane Solar Jobs Boom About To Get $32 Million More Insane

While the slumping fossil industry is shedding jobs by the thousands, the Obama Administration is pushing for acceleration in the solar jobs sector Insane Solar Jobs Boom About To Get $ 32 Million More Insane was originally