22 Dec 2014

BMW i3 Production Process (VIDEOS)

In case you would like to see how the BMW i3 is made, the three videos below give an extensive view of the BMW i3 production process (over the course of 1 hr and 20 minutes). I’ll
22 Dec 2014

EnBW acquires Albatros offshore wind project in German North Sea

EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg has acquired the Albatros offshore wind farm project, located 105km from the coast in the German sector of the North Sea. CTBR – News
22 Dec 2014

EV Battery Experts Discuss Battery Costs & More (Interesting Video Discussion)

Today is clearly a video catchup day for me. This last one of the day is a super interesting discussion about electric vehicle (EV) batteries. It includes the CEO of LG Chem (which provides EV batteries to
21 Dec 2014

Meshfire hopes it can slay the social media beast with AI

Marketing’s war with social media rages on. In one corner, you have the Twitterverse—a temperamental beast that never sleeps, is always hungry, and changes shape on a minute-by-minute basis. In the… Gigaom Search
21 Dec 2014

JB Straubel Interviews & Presentations

Following up on the Elon Musk interviews and videos I shared earlier today, I’ve also got a couple of great ones featuring Tesla co-founder and CTO JB Straubel, who I think really doesn’t get enough credit for his
21 Dec 2014

The teens behind EarthPix and other viral Twitter feeds go legit

The teenagers behind two of the most popular photography accounts on Twitter — Earth Pics and History in Pics — have used their viral success to start a media company aimed… Gigaom Search
21 Dec 2014

“Bermuda Dunes In 2030″

Editor’s Note: This article is one submission in a live Masdar blogging contest (find out the entry requirements here). Very simply, the focus of the contest submissions is to: “Describe your city in 2030: what will occur due to changes in energy,
21 Dec 2014

Least Financially Risky Electricity Projects: Solar & Wind

David Roberts of Grist recently dug into a couple of academic papers on the topic of cost overruns in the electricity sector. I had been saving the story for someone from our team to cover… but no one was picking
21 Dec 2014

Tesla Battery Swapping Station To Open In California

Originally published on EV Obsession. The Tesla Motors battery swap lives! Pack swap now operating in limited beta mode for SF to LA route. Can swap battery faster than visiting a gas station. Tesla blog out soon.
20 Dec 2014

The first intergalactic war will be started by spoilers

While I was living in South Africa, I bought a limited edition DVD of Star Wars: A New Hope that featured the original theatrical release of the film. A friend and I… Gigaom Search