27 Apr 2015

Panasonic Unveils Goal For 75% Employee Public Transit Use

Timed to the annual celebration of Earth Day, Panasonic Corporation of North America recently unveiled its new plans to boost public transportation use by its employees at the company’s Newark headquarters and Harrison (NJ) Technical Center, by renewing
26 Apr 2015

7 Cleantech Ideas & Developments That Are Bringing Us A Low-Carbon Economy

Generally speaking, solar power, wind power, and electric vehicles have so many benefits and are so much better than currently dominant technologies that I think it’s inevitable they will take over their respective markets. But that’s not to say
26 Apr 2015

Tesla Model S 70D Raffle On June 13 In Denver Via The Messner Foundation

A 2015 Tesla 70kWh Model S (aka Tesla 70D) electric car is being raffled off on June 13, 2015, at 7 pm, in Denver, by the Messner Foundation*. Proceeds from the raffle will reportedly be used by
26 Apr 2015

BNEF: New Clean Power Capacity Passes New Fossil Fuel Power Capacity… Never Turning Back

Clean energy has overtaken fossil fuels in terms of annual electricity generation capacity additions — with more renewable energy capacity now being added globally than coal + natural gas + oil combined. And, perhaps more importantly than that simple
26 Apr 2015

Clean Power Plan Won’t Kill The Grid, Even If The Wall Street Journal Says It Will

Those who take the Wall Street Journal for gospel miss a lot of what’s going on with US energy, says Denise Robbins of Media Matters for America. Too bad they probably won’t get it if they stick to that source
25 Apr 2015

All Public Buses In Amsterdam Will Be EVs By 2025

The Dutch city of Amsterdam is going all electric, with regards to public buses that is. The city is planning for the transition from diesel buses (what’s in use now) to electric ones to be complete by
25 Apr 2015

LG Chem Trying To Steal Tesla’s Home Battery Storage Thunder?

Branding is one thing Tesla has absolutely nailed. Well, one of many things. This week (or month) provided a rather obvious example of that for me. But first, a little background: As I think anyone who follows Tesla
25 Apr 2015

Another JB Straubel Presentation — The Future of Transportation (Video)

I shared a great JB Straubel presentation two days ago (after first sharing it in December), and it has been very popular. In case you missed that and are not aware, JB is a Tesla co-founder and its current
25 Apr 2015

Iraq Looking For New Solar & Wind Energy Investors

The government of Iraq is aiming to attract new foreign investors for the creation of 3 large-scale solar energy projects and a wind energy project, according to recent reports. As a means of attracting these potential investors,
25 Apr 2015

Fugro completes seabed investigation campaign at 1.2GW Hornsea Project One

Fugro GeoConsulting has completed a seabed investigation campaign for Dong Energy’s 1.2GW Hornsea Project One offshore wind farm development in the UK. CTBR – News