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22 Jul 2014

How the Next Wave of Innovation is Following the Unconventional Fuels Revolution

Against the backdrop of a boom in unconventional fuels, an increasing number of start-ups are developing solutions to both decrease operational risk and reduce the environmental footprint of the Oil and Gas industry. In the 2012 and
17 Jul 2014

Recap on Biofuels & Biochemicals Innovation Report

Cleantech Group recently published a sector whitepaper focused on innovation trends in the Biofuels & Biochemicals sector. In this report, we provided a comprehensive overview of the industry’s value chain, ranging from feedstocks to end products. Despite
16 Jul 2014

The Rise of Distributed Energy Storage Systems

In the age of up and coming distributed energy resources, one must put energy storage in the conversation.  While Solar PV may be the current breadwinner in many people’s minds, recent developments show the future for energy
11 Jul 2014

Aiming For the Stars: Google’s Acquisition of Skybox Imaging

Skybox Imaging was acquired by Google last month for $ 500 million. This purchase ranks as the 10th largest by disclosed deal amount in Google’s history and is a very important acquisition. Skybox, which is based out
18 Jun 2014

Discussing the ABB + Solar Impulse Partnership with ABB SVP Maxine Ghavi

Earlier this quarter, ABB announced their technology alliance partnership with Solar Impulse. We spoke with Maxine Ghavi—SVP & Head of the Solar Industry Segment Initiative at ABB—about the nature of this corporate partnership and what she sees
11 Jun 2014

What do the EPA’s proposed new rules mean for cleantech?

You’ve most likely heard the big news: on Monday of this week, the US EPA proposed new rules to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from existing power plants. Since the EPA is using the Clean Air Act—specifically Section
11 Jun 2014

Red Hot: Agriculture & Food Investment Sets Record Pace in 2014

Precision Agriculture has burst onto the scene as one of the most discussed sectors of 2014. This is due in no small part to the recent commercialization of multiple disruptive technologies. Technologies such as drones, formerly limited
5 Jun 2014

How Behavioral Water Efficiency Can Change Our Relationship with H2O: an Interview w/ WaterSmart CEO Peter Yolles

WaterSmart Software recently raised nearly $ 5 million in Series A round of funding: we chat with Peter Yolles, Co-Founder and CEO, about the company, its growing team, the value of data-driven water management, and the future
20 May 2014

The Last Frontier of the IT Revolution: A Chat with Ecofective CEO Mats Pettersson

One of our sessions during the Cleantech Forum Europe that will be held in Stockholm (May 19-21) is titled The Entrepreneurs Track. Building Innovations Meet Their Target Purchasers: Where the Rubber Truly Hits the Road. In this
19 May 2014

China’s Smog Triggers Investment in Air Pollution Mitigation

During the opening keynote at Cleantech Forum San Francisco 2014, Cleantech Group CEO, Sheeraz Haji, stepped on the stage while wearing a facemask commonly seen in China. Attendees immediately realized his reference to the infamous air pollution