Cleantech Insights Archive

15 Aug 2014

What You Need to Know to Enter China’s Cleantech Market

China has attracted much attention in recent years from Western industries looking to expand to the Far East. With rapid industrial and economic growth, the country is on a path to becoming an international powerhouse. Yet despite
13 Aug 2014

The Data-Driven Transformation of the Energy Efficiency Sector

The Internet of Things, characterized by technology platforms that enable interconnection of devices, has empowered companies to design innovative technologies, especially in the Energy Efficiency sector. Companies are embracing connectivity in product design, ranging from sensors to
11 Aug 2014

Corporate Partnerships Help Inventys Scale-up Carbon Capture Tech

We recently had the opportunity to catch up with Andre Boulet, CEO of Inventys – a developer of energy- and capital-efficient carbon capture technology – after the company announced its latest round of growth funding from new strategic investor Chevron Technology Ventures,
7 Aug 2014

The Triple Bottom Line of Car Sharing

Of late, the zeitgeist of Gen Y has shifted away from traditional American consumerism towards the collective mentality of adopting a “sharing economy.” Defined as a socioeconomic structure rooted in peer-to-peer sharing of assets and goods, collective
6 Aug 2014

Digitizing the Shower Experience: An Interview with SmarTap CEO Asaf Shaltiel

Israeli company SmarTap has developed a smart shower system that stands to revolutionize personal and commercial water use by monitoring and controlling the temperature and flow of water in a household, hotel, or commercial building. We spoke
4 Aug 2014

Replenishing California’s Investments in Water Technology

Here in Cleantech Group’s San Francisco office, we are acutely aware of California’s climate problem—that is, the worst drought on record in the state’s history. What’s alarming is that, despite the two drought emergency issuances by Gov.
31 Jul 2014

Isolated Car to Connected Car: Transportation from the 20th to the 21st Century

In the 1950s and 1960s, cars took hold of the United States. Car use and sales, as indicated by registration, boomed from 25.8 million cars in 1945 to 52.1 million cars in 1955 and finally 75.3 million
31 Jul 2014

Internet of Things: Envisioning an Even More Interconnected World

While we’re not exactly living in the times of Marty McFly or George Jetson, our world is quickly becoming smarter and more interconnected, thanks to the rapidly growing Internet of Things sector.  Internet of Things, or IoT,
30 Jul 2014

Where are they now: Global Cleantech 100 Edition

In this edition of ‘Where are they now?’ we tackle alums of our annual Global Cleantech 100 list. It will be just as much fun as the child stars edition, without the horrible haircuts. Where are the
23 Jul 2014

An Update on the Energy Efficiency Sector

Last year, the global Energy Efficiency sector completed more deals than any of its peer industries, according to Cleantech Group’s i3 platform. The past quarter saw sustained momentum within the sector, so much so that Energy Efficiency