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25 Oct 2014

Interview on US/EU vs China Solar Trade Dispute

Prolific journalist and blogger Scott Thill (of Wired, Salon, Huffington Post, Alternet, Grist,, and probably other outlets) interviewed me a little while back about US/EU tariffs on Chinese solar cells and solar modules (which dominate the
25 Oct 2014

The Solar Energy Revolution Everyone’s Ignoring… Is In Bangladesh

We put a lot of cyber ink into the German, Australian, US, Chinese, Indian, Chilean, and Japanese solar energy revolutions. However, I think the Bangladeshi solar revolution is one we don’t write about enough. One of the
25 Oct 2014

Austin Includes Energy Price Hedge Value In Solar Tariff

Rocky Mountain Institute. Renewables scored a major victory recently in the natural gas heartland that is Texas. In a resolution adopted by the Austin City Council on August 28, the city declared solar energy its default generation
25 Oct 2014

Relief, Some Disappointment After EU Climate Pact (VIDEO)

In Friday’s wee hours, the 28-nation European Union committed itself to fight climate change by rolling back dangerous carbon dioxide emissions by 2030 to at least 40% less than their benchmark 1990 levels. The EU has already almost
25 Oct 2014

Nissan, Tesla, And Fiat Sell The Most ZEV Credits In California

While Nissan and Tesla topping the list of ZEV credit sellers shouldn’t surprise anybody, Fiat placing in third is a bit of an eyebrow raiser Nissan, Tesla, And Fiat Sell The Most ZEV Credits In California was
24 Oct 2014

European Cleantech Innovation Is Picking Up The Pace

Energy Post. The pace of innovation in the European energy sector is stepping up. “Energy is no longer seen as a commodity that simply needs to be there. It is perceived as a challenge for which solutions
24 Oct 2014

Totally Weird Wind Turbine Could Deliver The Green For Michigan National Guard

The Michigan National Guard will test the Sheerwind INVELOX wind turbine system, which harvests low velocity wind and funnels it into a powerful stream Totally Weird Wind Turbine Could Deliver The Green For Michigan National Guard was
24 Oct 2014

Minnesota Gets Ready To Launch Solar Highways

We tend to think of Minnesota for its fishing, snow, and progressive politicians, but solar? Well if Minnesota has its way, solar arrays could soon be seen along the public rights-of-way that line the state’s highways. The
24 Oct 2014

Ford Focus Electric 2015 Gets Big Price Cut — Down To $29,995 From $35,995

The Ford Focus Electric 2015 edition is getting a significant price cut of about $ 6000, down to $ 29,995, according to recent reports — thus finally putting it on competitive terms with the market leader, the
23 Oct 2014

Kia Soul EV 2015 Hits Californian Market, Range = 93 Miles, Fuel Economy = 105 MPGe

The Kia Soul EV 2015 edition has now made its debut on the Californian market, as of last week. The debut of the new EV from Kia means that the western state’s market is now home to 19