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17 Sep 2014

Turning Point: In 2014, Politicians Compete For Who Supports Cleantech More

There’s no getting around the fact that clean energy took a popularity hit, particularly among Republicans, with the fossil lobby’s 2011 subterfuge: the phony Solyndra non-”scandal.” We can now say with confidence that there was never any
16 Sep 2014

The First 100% Green Grid Is Online, Figuratively Speaking

Originally published in the ECOreport The first 100% green grid is online, figuratively speaking. Philip Hiersemenzel of Younicos said there is no such thing as a Mecklenberg grid (the part of Germany in question), only a European continental
16 Sep 2014

Bet Your EV Can’t Do This: Electric Garbage Truck Hauls 9 Tons Of Trash

A new electric garbage truck from Motiv Power Systems just made Chicago the first city in North America to haul trash in an electric vehicle Bet Your EV Can’t Do This: Electric Garbage Truck Hauls 9 Tons
16 Sep 2014

BMW i3 / BMW i8 + Apple Watch = Fun

I’ll be honest, I don’t see any real appeal in the Apple Watch. Then again, I don’t care for watches at all, and I don’t understand why people can’t tell the time of day, to the second, just
16 Sep 2014

Leilani Münter Video, Asia Tesla Supercharger Maps Updated, Venucia e30 Launched… (EV News)

EV enthusiasts, here’s another EV news roundup. Enjoy! Tesla’s Asia Supercharger maps have been updated. Japan is about to get a mighty good helping of the electric Superchargers. (EV Obsession) Also, FYI, rapid recharging of lithium-ion batteries isn’t so
15 Sep 2014

Clean Energy Opportunities And Challenges In North Carolina

NCSEA’s “Making Energy Work,”  in Charlotte, NC, Oct 1&2, 2014  Originally published in the ECOreport More than 600 local, regional and national attendees are expected at the North Carolina Sustainable Energy Association’s 6th Annual Conference in Charlotte.
15 Sep 2014

Tesla’s Lithium Supply Relies On America’s Loneliest Highway

The Gigafactory deal with Nevada has been inked, and in addition to $ 1.2 billion in incentives from the Silver State, Tesla is also getting a new highway Tesla’s Lithium Supply Relies On America’s Loneliest Highway was
15 Sep 2014

Solar Farms Popular With UK Farmers

What a lovely sight to see the sheep among the solar panels. Modern farming is becoming dual purpose. The land between and underneath rows of PV models is accessible for grazing of small livestock, such as sheep
15 Sep 2014

San Diego Now Home To 10,000+ Electric Cars

September 20 is Electric Vehicle Day in San Diego. It is a National Drive Electric Week event where San Diego participants can test drive the newest EVs on the market. There are plenty of incentives for EV drivers in
14 Sep 2014

EV Driver Survey

I hear time and time again that EV drivers (owners and those who lease) can’t stop talking about how wonderful their cars, and EVs in general, are. I’ve also repeatedly heard that EV drivers have convinced multiple friends (2,