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9 Oct 2015

Verizon’s data-sharing with AOL is worrisome, but not surprising

There was never any chance Verizon would refrain from bolstering AOL’s advertising network with the information it collects from its customers. The carrier paid $ 4.4 billion for an ad-dependent business; it’s… Gigaom Search
8 Oct 2015

Burner makes a smarter phone by integrating with Dropbox, Evernote, & Slack

Remember when people still used their smartphone as a phone? (Yeah, it was a long time ago.) I always assumed that the reason no one bothers calling anymore is because the experience… Gigaom Search
8 Oct 2015

Facebook continues its fight for second-screen dominance

Facebook is working on new tools meant to encourage people to discuss the latest TV shows, breaking news, and live events on its service instead of Twitter. How? By making it… Gigaom Search
8 Oct 2015

Reddit’s Upvoted is about humanizing the community, not (just) ads

There’s a ton of discussion being had about Reddit’s recent launch of Upvoted, the company’s new news site focused on adding more to stories made popular on Reddit proper. Much of it has to… Gigaom Search
7 Oct 2015

How Twitter’s new ‘Moments’ feature is ‘Trending’ done right

Twitter has made its first significant product update since Jack Dorsey returned to the helm on Monday: A feature called “Moments” that collects tweets, photos, and videos related to a single… Gigaom Search
6 Oct 2015

Atlassian splits flagship JIRA product into three ahead of IPO

Atlassian has split its JIRA service, a project management and collaboration platform, into three separate products, the company announced today. Now, instead of having one service do everything, the company will offer tools to… Gigaom Search
6 Oct 2015

Amazon will stop selling Apple TVs and Chromecasts. So what?

Although it seems pretty cut and dry, there are folks in tech media that feel Amazon shouldn’t actually stay competitive, as businesses tend to do to survive. Case in point: Amazon… Gigaom Search
5 Oct 2015

Twitter board names Jack Dorsey as full-time CEO

Jack Dorsey has been named Twitter’s newest chief executive. A confluence of tweetstorms revealed the news early this morning. Dorsey tweeted that he would become the company’s full-time chief executive while… Gigaom Search
2 Oct 2015

Snapchat plans advertiser-supported ‘sponsored lenses’

Snapchat has found a new way to monetize its service — and this time it’s not undermining the reason it’s become such a popular social tool in the process. The Financial Times… Gigaom Search
1 Oct 2015

Microsoft’s Outlook to steal features from social networks

Microsoft is bridging the gap between email services and social networks. The company announced yesterday that it plans to upgrade Outlook, the email service that surged in popularity when Microsoft released… Gigaom Search