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1 Nov 2014

Late to the party, Amazon finally publishes its diversity numbers

Amazon’s employee demographics numbers are more diverse than most of their tech counterparts. But those stats may be misleading. Gigaom Search
31 Oct 2014

Slack lands $120M for its collaboration software and is now a billion-dollar company

The work-collaboration startup that launched to the public in February 2014 is valued at $ 1.12 billion, Gigaom Search
31 Oct 2014

Hungary puts internet tax plans on ice following heavy protests

Prime minister Viktor Orban says Hungary will hold a national consultation on the matter from January, but for now the people have spoken. Gigaom Search
31 Oct 2014

Android founder Andy Rubin is leaving Google

Andy Rubin is leaving Google a little over a year and a half after he moved from Android to focus on Google’s robotics efforts. Gigaom Search
31 Oct 2014

A reminder from Lockheed Martin that big data can be a slow process

While web companies are building massive-scale data warehouses on top of Hadoop and analyzing data in every manner under the sun, Lockheed Martin is trying to help its government systems embrace… Gigaom Search
30 Oct 2014

EMC cloud really isn’t all about EMC hardware, says EMC product chief

The storage giant has some secrets up its sleeve including how its acquisition of the Andy Becholsheim-backed DSSD startup will help fire up high-performance next-gen apps. Gigaom Search
30 Oct 2014

Microsoft Health platform launches with payments-friendly, $199 Band wearable

Microsoft Health works with Windows Phone, Android and iOS devices. Much of it is based on Microsoft’s cloud-based “intelligence engine”, and the company wants startups to build health-related services around it. Gigaom Search
30 Oct 2014

Two more key Twitter product engineers leave the company

Twitter is reorganizing once again, and with that shift, Twitter’s lead of Analytics, Adam Kinney, and VP of Engineering, Jeremy Gordon, are moving on. No word yet on where they’re heading, but… Gigaom Search
30 Oct 2014

Twitter partners with IBM to get its data into the enterprise

Twitter and IBM have partnered on a deal that will integrate Twitter data into various IBM software products and cloud services, and will result in a new certification for 10,000 IBM… Gigaom Search
29 Oct 2014

Did the dam just open for internet TV? What the FCC news means for the cable industry and you

Consumers have been waiting forever for real TV options over the internet — now they may finally get them. Here’s what the FCC’s big announcement could mean for you. Gigaom Search