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24 Apr 2014

Microsoft wants you to educate its virtual assistant

This is a good explainer from MIT Technology Review of how Microsoft’s Cortana works. As we noted yesterday, and last year, Bing has strategic value to beyond just search revenue. It’s a great place to gather data that
24 Apr 2014

By buying Moves, Facebook acquires high-value passive location technology

Facebook acquired mobile fitness and tracking app Moves for an undisclosed sum Thursday, promising to “work on building and improving their products.” With the acquisition, one might assume that, Facebook is placing a vested interest in the quantified self. But
24 Apr 2014

You’ll soon be able to unlock a Chromebook by placing your Android phone nearby

Android phones may soon be the perfect partners for Chromebooks. A new “easy unlock” feature appeared in the latest development release of Google’s Chrome OS software, allowing for a Chromebook to be unlocked simply by placing an Android
24 Apr 2014

Felix Salmon is leaving Reuters for the Fusion network because the future of media is “post text”

There’s been a lot of movement in media circles of late — what with writers like Ezra Klein, Nate Silver and Jessica Lessin leaving traditional journalism jobs to launch their own standalone news outlets — so it
24 Apr 2014

4 AXYZ’s 3D printed wood launches on Indiegogo

4 AXYZ, which plans to use additive manufacturing to make relatively affordable custom furniture and accessories out of high-quality wood, launched a campaign on Indiegogo today. 4 AXYZ hopes to raise $ 1 million to go toward research
23 Apr 2014

FCC revisits the idea of a shared “innovation” band for broadband use

Nearly two years ago, U.S. regulators proposed opening up 100 MHz chunk of federal airwaves for commercial use, creating a shared spectrum band between the government, mobile carriers and the ordinary public. The proposal languished as carriers weren’t
23 Apr 2014

Amazon adds HBO shows to Prime Instant Video; HBO Go coming to Fire TV at some point

Amazon now has streaming rights to a number of HBO series and will make them available through Prime Instant Video starting May 21, the company said Wednesday. In addition, Amazon said that it will add HBO Go to its
23 Apr 2014

Add ultracapacitors to the list of devices that could benefit from graphene

George Washington University researchers reported Tuesday that they have created an ultracapacitor that is both high performance and inexpensive to produce because it relies on a mix of two promising emerging materials: graphene and carbon nanotubes. Like
23 Apr 2014

Are we nearing the Dropbox moment for the internet of things?

  The internet of things doesn’t exist today. We’re conflating the ease and ubiquity of the internet and the web with things that range from thermostats to jet engines. There is no common language. There is no
22 Apr 2014

A look inside Motorola’s new downtown Chicago headquarters

Motorola Mobility moved into its new corporate headquarters in February, but on Tuesday it held its grand unveiling, opening up its four floors of Chicago’s historic and imposing Merchandise Mart to media and other visitors. The event