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25 Oct 2014

Satellogic envisions a world where satellites capture live video feeds of the Earth

The startups CEO believes the world needs to start quantifying its health the same way humans already are with wearable devices. Gigaom Search
24 Oct 2014

Nest gobbles up Revolv for the engineers, not the hub

Nest has purchased the smart home hub maker Revolv in a deal that’s more about getting talent than an endorsement of the hub model. Gigaom Search
24 Oct 2014

Why NFC in the iPad Air 2 is a big deal for small businesses

Apple stuck an NFC controller chip in the iPad Air 2, although it’s not used for anything at the moment. Gigaom Search
24 Oct 2014

Pyne is an app that makes quizzing strangers bite-sized fun

A new app lets you ask strangers multiple choice questions. Although it’s not anonymous, using it feels more than a little bit like confession apps like Secret and Yik Yak. Gigaom Search
24 Oct 2014

Solidoodle delays its beginner-oriented 3D printer

The Solidoodle Press is the first machine from the startup that’s meant to be simple to use. But now buyers will have to wait until at least December. Gigaom Search
23 Oct 2014

Microsoft again cites strong cloud growth in Q3 earnings

For its quarter ending September 30, Microsoft beat analyst expectations with $ 23.2 billion in revenue. Gigaom Search
23 Oct 2014

Google buys two Oxford University AI spin-offs to bolster its DeepMind team

The Google-owned artificial intelligence outfit DeepMind has revealed a partnership with Oxford University that involves a “substantial donation” to set up a research relationship with the venerable institution’s computer science and… Gigaom Search
23 Oct 2014

Microsoft’s big freaking servers make cloud wars even more interesting

On this week’s Structure Show: Microsoft adds more powerful IaaS capabilities while Amazon makes AWS more enterprise-worthy. Gigaom Search
23 Oct 2014

A panel of makers spill the tips and tricks of the hardware trade

Here’s the highlight reel from the panel session dispensing advice on how to get a hardware project off the ground that closed out Structure Connect 2014. Gigaom Search
22 Oct 2014

Roku raises $25 million in additional funding

Streaming device maker Roku has raised an additional $ 25 million round of funding, according to a disclosure filed with the FCC Wednesday. A Roku spokesperson confirmed the funding and said that… Gigaom Search