Greentech Media Archive

8 Jan 2013

Fiscal Cliff Legislation Spares Solar Industry

The big renewables winner in the fiscal cliff legislation was wind. But the solar industry was also spared some pain. Wind's $ 0.022 per kilowatt-hour production tax credit (PTC) was extended through the end of 2013. Crucial
8 Jan 2013

Ford and the EV-Backed, Solar Powered, Cloud-Controlled Home

What’s the value of a home that can fine-tune EV charging in the garage, solar panels on the roof, appliances in the kitchen and thermostats on the wall to maximize its energy profile? Ford Motor Co., SunPower
8 Jan 2013

Cisco Dives Into Home Energy Management With AT&T

It looks like rumors of Cisco’s departure from the energy-connected home space have been a bit exaggerated. On Monday, the networking giant jumped right back into the home energy fray with AT&T, announcing at CES that it
7 Jan 2013

Green Jobs: Lisa Jackson Leaving EPA; Plus Clean Power Finance and the CPUC

Lisa Jackson has announced that, after four years, she is leaving the post of head of the Environmental Protection Agency. Environmentalists claim Jackson didn't do enough on global warming and coal. National Review Online writes, “It is
7 Jan 2013

Utility Case Study: OGE’s Data Analytics Deployment

The following case study on deploying data analytics comes from GTM Research's latest smart grid report, The Soft Grid 2013-2020: Big Data & Utility Analytics for Smart Grid. In addition to the Oklahoma Gas & Electric's (OGE)
7 Jan 2013

Alta Devices Chasing Military and Portable Solar, iPad Chargers

In a marketplace with viciously plunging solar module costs, what strategy best serves a startup solar cell manufacturer? Well, if you're Alta Devices, you stay away from rooftops and solar fields, at least for now, and go
6 Jan 2013

The Sky Is Not Falling

After the Cleantech Group released their 2012 cleantech venture totals this past week, I heard a surprising amount of pessimism out there. I saw the sector called a “bust” and was asked a couple of times if
5 Jan 2013

Top Ten Greentech VC Deals of 2012

Epic-sized VC rounds were plentiful in greentech in 2012. But energy generation, fuel, and automotive markets have proven challenging investment sectors for the VC asset class. Some of these large rounds flowed into startups that are long-in-tooth
5 Jan 2013

Silver Spring Expands Into Natural Gas

Silver Spring Networks spent 2012 adding capabilities to its smart grid offerings, from cellular and cloud-based services to faster deployment of distribution automation projects. Just before ringing in 2013, Silver Spring announced that its smart energy platform
5 Jan 2013

7,200 Control Devices Online, Ready for Hacking

As the internet of things proliferates through the energy sector, the security needed to keep IP-connected devices safe is simply not keeping up, according to a new report from the Department of Homeland Security. The Industrial Control