Is climate change in the hands of the middle-class people?

Salutations de Lille, France! I was invited to speak at the EnviroNord congress in the inaugural conference: How eco-technologies contribute to reduce the social-economic impacts of climate change? Opening speakers were Mr Jean Jouzel a nobel-price winner from his work on the global warming and Mr Jean-Christoph Victor from the LEPAC (the Centre for Political Studies and Cartographic Analysis. There was also an event for interclusteral cooperation and I was asked as the representative of Global Cleantech Cluster Association to speak about the challenges and opportunities we see in building the cleantech ecosystem.

I was enjoying the speeches of Mr Jouzuel and Mr Victor as a true believer does but it was not hard to see that the message was aimed at the high level politicians – both French and EU-level sitting in the audience. And the message was: the changes which need to be done to sustain the global warming below two degrees, they are not the task of the next generation. We need to make changes happen now, or it will be too late.

Especially interesting were the facts Mr Victor showed regarding the changes in focus points of geopolitical power and demographics of the globe, how they have …

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