Join Us For A “Hangout” About Electric Vehicles

Have you heard of Google? Of course you have. But have you heard of Google+ and Google+ “On Air” Hangouts? Possibly, but that’s much less likely, so I’ll give you a quick rundown.

Google+ is like Facebook, but better (imho), but with a lot fewer users (about 250,000,000 active monthly users vs Facebook’s 1 billion or so).

One of the cool things about Google+ is that you can have video “Hangouts” with people (sort of like Skype), and that you can even have “On Air” Hangouts in which non-participants can at least watch the discussion. If you’ve been a CleanTechnica reader for long enough, you might remember that we had one of these hangouts with folks from the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) over a year ago… maybe it’s time for another one of those.

Long story short: Jeff McIntire-Strasburg of sister site sustainablog (who is actually the person who first hired me to blog and got me rolling) has been hosting a weekly On-Air Hangout on interesting and important topics for a couple months now. This week (on Friday at 10am CST/11am EST), the topic will be “The Prices of Electric Vehicles,” and I’ll be joining the crew. Come join us if you’re free at that time! (And if you’re interested in electric vehicles, of course.)

Some of the content off of which we’ll be basing the discussion include:

By the way, if you want to connect with me on Google+, here’s my profile.

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