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9 Sep 2015

Inside Amazon’s race to the bottom of the tablet market

While the bulk of attention for hot new tablets usually goes to high-end, fairly expensive side, at least one big competitor is interested in focusing on making a tablet that’s cost effective… Gigaom Search
26 Aug 2014

Algorithm tweaks don’t change the bottom line: Facebook is in charge of what you see

Facebook’s latest update to its ranking algorithm is supposedly designed to combat “clickbait” headlines in the content shared on the network — but all it does is reinforce how little we know about how Facebook decides what
7 Aug 2014

The Triple Bottom Line of Car Sharing

Of late, the zeitgeist of Gen Y has shifted away from traditional American consumerism towards the collective mentality of adopting a “sharing economy.” Defined as a socioeconomic structure rooted in peer-to-peer sharing of assets and goods, collective
7 Dec 2013

Getting To The Bottom Of US–Germany Solar Soft Cost Differences, & How To Make Solar Cheaper In US Than In Germany

Originally published on RMI Outlet. By Koben Calhoun & Jesse Morris RMI’s new report with Georgia Tech details U.S. installation cost reduction opportunities Download the full report, Reducing Solar PV Soft Costs: A Focus on Installation Labor. A
19 Nov 2013

How Intel is betting on big data to add tens of millions to its bottom line

Big data is nothing new to Intel — the microprocessor giant has been analyzing lots of data about its chip-manufacturing processes for decades — but there’s something about the current generation of “big data” technologies that has
22 May 2013

Energy Storage On The Bottom Of The Ocean — New Pumped Hydroelectric Power Storage Design

Storing electricity at the bottom of the ocean? The idea may sound strange at first, but the new concept from the German engineer Rainer Schramm could be very effective — with an efficiency of around 80%, comparable
31 Jul 2012

India’s Massive Blackout Calls for Smarter Grid, From the Bottom Up

The only good thing about India’s daily blackouts is that, when there’s a truly massive power outage, people are prepared for it. Thus, when the power went out across eight northern Indian states early Monday morning, leaving