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21 Apr 2014

92.1% of New Electricity Capacity From Renewables In 1st Quarter of 2014

Marking renewable energy project growth is fun and exciting, but more important is to put it into broader perspective. How much is renewable energy growing compared to other sources? How much of our electricity capacity and supply
15 Apr 2014

Global Wind Power Capacity Projected To Nearly Double In 5 Years (Charts)

Asia is now leagues ahead of other regions within the global wind market. Furthermore, this market is expected to grow at an annual cumulative capacity rate of more than 10 percent over the coming five years. A
15 Apr 2014

China’s Wind Energy Capacity Tops 92 GW With 16 GW Addition In 2013

A wind farm in Jingtai County, Gansu province, ChinaCredit: Popolon | CC BY-SA 3.0 In 2013, China witnessed yet another year of impressive wind energy capacity addition. While the total capacity added was off the peak levels
13 Apr 2014

World Solar Power Capacity Increased 35% In 2013 (Charts)

With about 37,007 megawatts (MW) of solar PV power installed in 2013, world solar PV power capacity increased about 35% to 136,697 MW. Whereas Europe had dominated annual growth for years up until 2013 (10 years, to
9 Apr 2014

Bharat Light & Power Will Invest $1 Billion To Boost Renewable Energy Capacity In India

Wind turbines in rural IndiaCredit: Yahoo! Blog | CC BY 2.0 The ‘India renewable energy story’ continues to sweeten as more and more companies are looking to aggressively invest into and expand renewable energy capacity across the
8 Apr 2014

India’s Solar Power Capacity Tops 2,600 MW

India is slowly building upon its installed solar power capacity, thanks to the comprehensive and ambitious National Solar Mission, state solar policies, and relatively increased enforcement of the Renewable Purchase Obligation. The country added almost 950 MW
7 Mar 2014

Wind Power Provided 30% Of All New Electricity Generation Capacity In Past 5 Years

American wind power topped 4% of the US power grid for the first time last year and has delivered 30% of all new generating capacity for the last five years. In Iowa and South Dakota, wind power
27 Feb 2014

AGL Energy Wind Farms Operating At Nearly A 50% Capacity Factor!

Originally published on RenewEconomy. AGL Energy says some of its wind farms in South Australia have been operating at nearly 50 per cent capacity factors in the past six months, a very high rating for a wind
4 Feb 2014

Grid Capacity For Electric Vehicles Is Actually Not A Problem, Studies Find

Somehow, Americans have trouble grasping the idea that our current utilities can support a high number of electric cars without building hundreds of new power plants. However, a new study from the global clean technology consultants at
5 Jan 2014

Europe’s Fossil Fuel Exit — 30% Of Fossil Fuel Power Capacity To Close By 2017, UBS Analysts Project

Following up on a Credit Suisse report stating that ~85% of US energy demand growth would come from renewables by 2025, we thought it would be good to take a look at the energy trends in Europe