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15 Jul 2014

2.8 GW Of Wind Capacity For Gamesa and Areva Joint Venture

The two wind turbine makers Gamesa and Areva are partnering so they can generate 2.8 GW of wind power capacity. By forming a 50/50 joint venture, they are increasing their capacity in order to target 20% of
15 Jun 2014

Mesh networks could bridge the gap between internet capacity and demand

Despite the billions of dollars spent every year on internet infrastructure, the market and our mobile lifestyle are increasing the gap between capacity and demand. Consumers often face slow data connections or high prices for broadband internet
12 Jun 2014

Estadio Nacional World Cup Stadium Has More Solar Power Capacity Than 11 Competing Countries

If you’re super excited about the World Cup in Brazil, starting today(!), it has also been exciting to see that the stadiums would use a lot of solar power. However, it’s not very uplifting to hear that
12 Jun 2014

Canada Installs Record Wind Power Capacity in 2013

2013 was a record year for wind energy development in Canada with new installed capacity from 23 wind energy projects totaling nearly 1,600 MW, ranking 5th globally for new installed capacity. The Daily Fusion
31 May 2014

Advanced batteries energy capacity for energy storage applications to surge by 2023

The annual energy capacity of advanced batteries for utility-scale energy storage applications are estimated to increase to over 51,200MWh in 2023 from 412 MWh in 2014, according a new report from Navigant Research. CTBR – News
19 May 2014

China To Triple Solar Capacity To 70,000 MW By 2017, To Help Reduce Air Pollution

China has thrilled the solar industry in the past few years with bigger and bigger solar installation targets. Of course, this also came on the back of solar capacity oversupply and a solar manufacturer shakeout that put many
18 May 2014

UBS: 10% Of Global Electricity Capacity By 2020 Could Come From Solar

Originally published on RenewEconomy. Global investment bank UBS says solar is likely to account for 10 per cent of global electricity capacity by 2020, as production costs continue to fall, and demand soars in the world’s major
14 May 2014

Iran Going Big With Renewables! 5,000 MW Of New Solar & Wind Capacity By 2018?

Iran is aiming big with renewables, based on recent statements made by the Iranian Energy Minister, Hamid Chitchian. As revealed by Chitchian, the country’s new goal is to add 5,000 MW of new solar energy and wind
24 Apr 2014

US Solar Energy Capacity Grew An Astounding 418% From 2010-2014

Solar energy’s rapid growth in America is evident – even casual observers will note the proliferation of solar photovoltaics (PV) across the country. But sheer size is usually illustrated best by statistics, and in this case, the
21 Apr 2014

92.1% of New Electricity Capacity From Renewables In 1st Quarter of 2014

Marking renewable energy project growth is fun and exciting, but more important is to put it into broader perspective. How much is renewable energy growing compared to other sources? How much of our electricity capacity and supply