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11 Dec 2014

Duke Energy wins approval to build three solar facilities in North Carolina

The North Carolina Utilities Commission (NCUC) has approved Duke Energy’s request to acquire and build three large solar facilities in eastern North Carolina. CTBR – News
27 Sep 2014

First Solar Wins Supply Contracts For 105 MW Of Projects In North Carolina

The noted solar PV module manufacturer First Solar recently won supply contracts for two large projects currently under development by Duke Energy in the Tar Heel State, according to reports. Altogether the projects will total 105 MW
19 Sep 2014

Duke Energy signs PPA for North Carolina solar project

Duke Energy has signed a 15-year power purchase agreement (PPA) with Innovative Solar Systems (ISS) for the output of the 48MW IS 41 solar project in North Carolina, US. CTBR – News
15 Sep 2014

Clean Energy Opportunities And Challenges In North Carolina

NCSEA’s “Making Energy Work,”  in Charlotte, NC, Oct 1&2, 2014  Originally published in the ECOreport More than 600 local, regional and national attendees are expected at the North Carolina Sustainable Energy Association’s 6th Annual Conference in Charlotte.
14 Aug 2014

ET Solar and Geenex start construction of North Carolina solar project

ET Solar Energy and Geenex have started construction of a 20MW AC – 30MW DC solar power project in North Carolina, US. CTBR – News
13 Jul 2014

3rd Apple Solar Farm Development In North Carolina

Apple, the electronics wizard, has permission to establish its third solar farm in North Carolina. Apple plans to spend $ 55 million, to create this 17.5 MW new solar farm. It estimates that the construction will be
4 Jul 2014

80 MW Solar Power Plant Approved For North Carolina

Innovative Solar Systems has had its 80 MW solar power plant approved for interconnection by Duke Energy. When the plant is operational, energy from it will be sent to the Duke grid. According to SEIA, about 335 MW
30 Jun 2014

AgPower Partners opens Storms Hog Power energy plant in North Carolina

AgPower Partners (APP) has opened the Storms Hog Power (SHP) facility near Bladenboro, North Carolina, US. CTBR – News
29 Jun 2014

30,000 North Carolina Hogs Churn Out Renewable Manure Biogas, And That’s Just For Starters

We suck at math, so maybe you guys can figure this out. If 30,000 hogs create enough manure biogas to run a 600-kilowatt generator, how much electricity can 10 million hogs produce? We’re only asking because the
26 May 2014

Methodist Church In North Carolina Celebrating Energy From The Sun

Originally published on Eden Keeper. On June 15 members of the Highland United Methodist Church in Raleigh, North Carolina will come together to celebrate. No, they’re not celebrating some obscure Christian holiday or Father’s Day (although their celebration will