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18 Oct 2015

Solar + Storage Power Station Features Latest In Taiwanese Cleantech

Originally published on Solar Love. A self-contained solar plus storage power station built into a shipping container is serving as the showcase for some of the latest in Taiwanese cleantech innovations, and this off-grid Eco-Power Station (EPS)
13 Oct 2015

Impact Investing + Cleantech. This Is The Year.

What do Bill Gates, Steve Case, Nancy Pfund, Pierre Omidyar, and Will Smith all have in common? All Hollywood action stars? Ummmm…. yes, and, they are all cleantech investors. News flash: There’s a wave of philanthropic investing
27 Jun 2015

DP CleanTech signs deals with China Everbright for three biomass power plants

DP CleanTech has signed three contracts with China Everbright International to construct three 30MW straw-fired biomass power plants in China. CTBR – News
23 Jun 2015

The Top 100 People Shaping Cleantech on Twitter

Originally published on Wunder Capital. …And you’re probably not following most of them. You won’t find Elon Musk on this list. Nor will you find Bill Gates. While both are influential, you already know who they are
3 Jun 2015

Central Texas Cleantech Report Released By CleanTX

Cleantech pumps $ 2.5 billion (billion with a “b”) into the GDP of Central Texas, and employs ~20,000 people. Last week, at a press conference at City Hall, CleanTX, the development organization for clean technology in Central Texas,
24 May 2015

The Human Side of Cleantech

As many of you know (including the dozens or more of you who were in attendance), I was in Vancouver last week for the first-ever Renewable Cities forum, which for now I’ll briefly summarize as “the best conference I’ve
10 May 2015

Cleantech Link Drop

Have some free time on your hands? Here you go, use it up: Tesla Tesla History — How Much Do You Know? (Video) SolarCity and Tesla Will Change The World 340+ Mile Tesla Roadster Upgrade Due Out In August After
2 May 2015

7 Top Innovators, Inventors, & Entrepreneurs To Watch In Cleantech

Here’s another story idea from the wonderful Climate Reality Project that I’m running with this week, as part of its Road to Paris campaign. But there’s a big caveat regarding the topic of this piece. Battery storage is
28 Apr 2015

Tesla Hacked, Tesla Rentals In Estonia, 1979 ETV-1… (Cleantech Link Drop)

Time for another link drop. In no case should you ever read an article from a site other than CleanTechnica if you haven’t yet read all of our pieces… of course. But these stories can be consumed by those of
26 Apr 2015

7 Cleantech Ideas & Developments That Are Bringing Us A Low-Carbon Economy

Generally speaking, solar power, wind power, and electric vehicles have so many benefits and are so much better than currently dominant technologies that I think it’s inevitable they will take over their respective markets. But that’s not to say