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14 Sep 2014

Sony signs up Viacom for internet TV service, but at what cost?

Sony’s internet TV service will carry Comedy Central, MTV and Nickelodeon, along with Palladia, BET Gospel and anything else Viacom has come up with over the last couple of years. Sony signs up Viacom for internet TV
5 Sep 2014

13 Charts On Solar Panel Cost & Growth Trends

Cost Of Solar. The following charts on solar panel cost trends and solar power growth trends are fun, and good for a share, since many people are completely unaware of these trends. Of course, to get a very
2 Sep 2014

Crown Estate report urges offshore wind industry to use jack-up vessels for cost reduction

A new report from the Crown Estate has urged the offshore wind industry to use jack-up vessels to reduce turbine maintenance costs. CTBR – News
30 Aug 2014

Lyft claims Uber cost its drivers major money with recruitment tactics

Uber’s driver recruitment program SLOG is hitting Lyft drivers where it hurts: Their pockets. Lyft claims Uber cost its drivers major money with recruitment tactics originally published by Gigaom, © copyright 2014. Continue reading… Gigaom
28 Aug 2014

SolarCity’s Planned 1 GW Solar PV Plant Will Cost Up To $450 Million

While SolarCity’s recent acquisition of the solar PV panel manufacturer Silevo has certainly opened up a number of interesting options for the company, none of them are likely to be cheap. According to recent reports, SolarCity’s newly
26 Aug 2014

Retail vs Wholesale Energy Pricing: 1 Reason It’s Easy For Rooftop Solar To Be Cost Effective

Utility-Scale Solar Energy Pricing In the media, when solar energy pricing is discussed as being cost effective or not, they are typically talking about utility-scale solar projects and how they compare on cost to wholesale prices from coal or
20 Aug 2014

Here come the cheaper SLS 3D printers, but they will still cost you

Two companies are working on selective laser sintering 3D printers that cost less than $ 35,000, including one desktop option that costs $ 8,300, after several important patents expired this year. Here come the cheaper SLS 3D
13 Aug 2014

Choosing Gas Could Cost 40% More Than Renewable Energy

RenewEconomy By Sophie Vorrath Relying on gas-fired electricity generation “as a serious option” for reducing greenhouse emissions and cleaning up Australia’s power sector could cost up to 40 per cent more than a shift to renewables, and leave
13 Aug 2014

EU energy regulations will cost UK up to £93bn: report

A research by Business for Britain has revealed that the European Union (EU) energy regulations will cost the UK up to £93.2bn. CTBR – News
15 Jun 2014

$10 Million More For Low Cost LEDs

The price of a typical high efficiency LED light bulb has been falling off the cliff lately, and it’s going to take another steep dive because the Energy Department has just chipped in $ 10.5 million for