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2 Sep 2015

Dong Energy and partners find cost saving potential of offshore wind projects with new pile designs

Dong Energy, along with British testing and inspection services provider ESG, has completed the large-ever testing of wind turbine piles and found that that offshore wind projects can reduce their cost significantly with new design methods. CTBR
29 Jun 2015

Stranded Assets Will Cost More Than Climate Action, Economist Writes

Originally published on Sustainnovate. The costs associated with stranded assets are already greater than the costs associated with action on climate change, according to the economist and climate change advisor Professor Ross Garnaut. The recent comments came
27 Jun 2015

Report: Renewable Energy + Energy Efficiency To Grow Based On Cost Competitiveness Alone

The renewable energy and energy efficiency industries will grow over the coming years “strictly on the basis of cost,” rather than simply as a result of supportive policies, according to a new report from the Advanced Energy
26 Jun 2015

China’s Fight Against Climate Change Could Cost $6.6 Trillion

China’s lead negotiator for the upcoming United Nations climate negotiations has suggested it would cost China over $ 6.6 trillion to meet its own greenhouse gas reduction targets. A Reuters report from earlier this week revealed that Xie Zhenhua,
26 May 2015

“Lower Cost Solar” a Utility-Scale Fig Leaf for an Outdated Monopoly Model

Originally posted at In his Sunday Wall Street Journal commentary on May 17, Brian Potts suggests that cost is the bottom line in the electric customer shift to solar, and that rooftop solar costs too much.
11 Mar 2015

New York Times’ 5-year fight with patent troll may cost millions

Even as belt-tightening has led the New York Times to close sections and shed reporters, the Gray Lady is spending large sums on legal bills to fight a patent troll that claims to own the… Gigaom Search
28 Jan 2015

BioSolar plans to reduce solar power cost with new energy storage technology

BioSolar is developing a polymer-based supercapacitor technology that could help lower the cost of solar energy storage. CTBR – News
18 Jan 2015

Chinese attacks cost U.S. Defense Department over $100M

Chinese army hackers apparently caused more than $ 100 million worth of damage to U.S. Department of Defense networks, according to NSA research detailed in documents from the Edward Snowden cache. On… Gigaom Search
14 Jan 2015

Cost Of Solar Already Less Than Grid Electricity In Largest US Cities

Originally published on Cost of Solar. It wasn’t that long ago that the dream of affordable home solar electricity was really just more for the upper class, and for the ultra-technical and early adopters. But over the
30 Dec 2014

Tariffs-Smariffs, We Can Already Make the World’s Lowest Cost Solar Modules — Here In The US

By Brad Mattson, CEO Siva Power and author of The Solar Phoenix The stiff solar tariffs recently imposed by the US on Chinese panels have made quite a splash. I think it is great my government is pushing