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17 Apr 2014

Startup Invents a ‘Homemade’ Solar Lamp for Developing Countries

The solar lamp developed by LEDsafari, a young startup from Lausanne, is a more effective, safer, and less expensive form of illumination than the traditional oil lamp currently used by more than one billion people in the
12 Mar 2014

This $1 origami microscope could boost education and healthcare in developing nations

You remember your high school biology lab’s microscopes: heavy, complicated and expensive machines that you wouldn’t dare take home, let alone into the field. Now imagine one made of paper. The Foldscope project, which went live online
24 Feb 2014

Report: LG developing a smartwatch for Google, possibly around Google Now

Get ready for a new Nexus device – on your wrist. According to the Wall Street Journal, LG’s head of mobile Jong-seok Park told a group of reporters in Seoul that the company is working on a
19 Jan 2014

IRENA & ADFD Announce Funding For 6 Renewable Energy Projects In Developing Countries

The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) and the Abu Dhabi Fund for Development (ADFD) just announced funding for six renewable energy projects in six separate developing countries. ADFD is providing about $ 41 million in loans for
24 Nov 2013

Can SMS be a surrogate for the internet in the developing world?

Unconvinced as to the power of SMS? Well, in an instant, mobile messaging company Mobile Accord could send a mass text message that could reach people in 205 countries, said president Steve Gutterman — the only exception
7 Nov 2013

REDIMENA — Desertec Developing Investment Vehicle To Support Renewable Energy Development In The MENA Region

The Desertec Industrial Initiative (Dii) is currently in the process of developing an investment vehicle to support renewable energy development in the MENA region. Dii is aiming for the project — which is known as the Renewable
29 Aug 2013

DOE and New Jersey Developing First US Transit System Microgrid

Microgrids are being deployed across America’s military bases to make them more resilient and secure, so why shouldn’t the same approach be taken when rebuilding civilian infrastructure destroyed by severe weather? As of this week, the answer
13 Jul 2013

Bicyclean — Pedal-Powered Means Of Recycling E-Waste In Developing Nations

Most of the toxic e-waste that ‘developed’ nations produce eventually ends up in the ‘developing’ world, where people who no longer have other means of generating an income often work with the toxic materials to extract metals
4 Jun 2013

4 tips for developing applications that end users will actually end up using

People have been espousing the consumerization of information technology for more than three years. But enterprises are still pushing out stodgy apps, and employees are throwing those apps out the window. Fortunately, IT administrators can escape this
25 May 2013

Report: Google wants to connect the developing world with wireless

You might have thought Google’s gigabit fiber plans in the U.S. were big, but Google may have even bigger broadband ambitions in the developing world. According to a Wall Street Journal report, Google is working with governments