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24 Apr 2014

Electric Light Show — Car Lighting From Drag Race (VIDEO)

Originally published on Gas2. Racing enthusiasts may lament the lack of deafening noise from electric race cars, but sparks still fly when big electric motors are pushed to their limit. Lonestar EV Performance gave us this video
24 Apr 2014

Scientists Use Airplane to Detect Methane From Fracking

Using an airplane to detect greenhouse gas emissions from freshly drilled shale gas wells in Pennsylvania’s Marcellus basin, Cornell and Purdue scientists have found that leaked methane from fracking is a tougher problem—between a hundred- and a
23 Apr 2014

Biofuels From Crop Residue May Increase Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Using corn crop residue to make ethanol and other biofuels reduces soil carbon and can generate more greenhouse gases than gasoline, according to a study published in the journal Nature Climate Change (see footnote). Read more »
23 Apr 2014

Eguana bags new supply order from Sonnenbatterie for solar energy storage products

Canadian energy storage products manufacturer Eguana Technologies has signed a new supply agreement with German firm Sonnenbatterie for solar energy storage products. CTBR – News
23 Apr 2014

Add ultracapacitors to the list of devices that could benefit from graphene

George Washington University researchers reported Tuesday that they have created an ultracapacitor that is both high performance and inexpensive to produce because it relies on a mix of two promising emerging materials: graphene and carbon nanotubes. Like
22 Apr 2014

New Method Of Harvesting Renewable Energy From Flushing Toilets (VIDEO)

Originally published on Ecopreneurist. Finding new and different methods of harvesting renewable energy is a key component of building a more sustainable future, and while solar power, wind power, and ocean energy are often the focus of large-scale renewables research,
21 Apr 2014

92.1% of New Electricity Capacity From Renewables In 1st Quarter of 2014

Marking renewable energy project growth is fun and exciting, but more important is to put it into broader perspective. How much is renewable energy growing compared to other sources? How much of our electricity capacity and supply
19 Apr 2014

Clean Energy Gets Boost From California Public-Private Initiative

A few years ago, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and CalCEF joined forces to launch CalCharge, the first-ever, public-private consortium designed to be a “center of gravity” for the California energy storage cluster. And this week, after growing to include more labs
15 Apr 2014

If you want more news from First Look Media’s The Intercept, you’re going to have to wait

As the eagle-eyed investigative journalists at Pando Daily recently noted, there hasn’t exactly been an outpouring of new material from The Intercept — the high-profile First Look Media property that includes newly-crowned Pulitzer Prize winners Glenn Greenwald
11 Apr 2014

Ruh-roh. Heartbleed afflicts networking gear from Cisco and Juniper too

The Heartbleed security flaw that affected popular web and ecommerce sites has also infiltrated many of the Cisco and Juniper routers, switches and firewalls running those sites and the internet at large. In a Cisco security alert updated Thursday, the company