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20 Nov 2014

Imergy Power Receives Order From Hawaii’s Energy Research Systems

Fremont, California–based Imergy Power, a provider of advanced energy storage systems, has received an order from Hawaii’s Energy Research Systems for four of its flow battery systems. Two of them are for residential customers, one is for
19 Nov 2014

California’s Reserve Fund Won’t Lift The FHFA Boot From PACE’s Neck

Originally published on Earlier this year, the state of California announced a $ 10 million loan-loss reserve to solve the Federal Housing Finance Agency’s severe restrictions on using property-tax based financing for energy efficiency and renewable energy
19 Nov 2014

How To Profit From Solar & Storage

By Brandon Chase, Fellow at the Clean Energy Leadership Institute Wind turbines and solar panels both use natural resources to produce clean, renewable energy. However, the intermittency of these energy sources (i.e. speed and availability of wind
19 Nov 2014

IKEA acquires 165MW Cameron wind farm in Texas from Apex Clean Energy

Swedish furniture firm IKEA has acquired a 165MW wind farm in Cameron County, Texas, US from Apex Clean Energy. CTBR – News
18 Nov 2014

US NRL partners with power firm to reduce NOx emissions from coal plants

The US Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) has partnered with a power firm to apply its pulsed electron beam technology in order to reduce the nitric oxide and nitrogen dioxide (NOx) emissions from coal power plants. CTBR –
15 Nov 2014

What The Joint Climate Policy Announcement From US & China Means

Originally published on Rocky Mountain Institute. By Clay Stranger and Jon Creyts, Ph.D. Yesterday the United States and the People’s Republic of China reached an historic agreement in the global effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and
15 Nov 2014

$3 Billion Rumored From USA For World Climate Fund!

We’ve thought for a while that the US had more leadership to contribute to the world climate process, so today’s news (still on the gossip vine at present) that President Obama has a $ 3 billion pledge
13 Nov 2014

13% of Southeast Queensland Home Electricity Demand Comes From Solar

Originally published on Planetsave. Australia may have a a crazy or completely corrupt prime minister running the show right now, but the solar energy market in Queensland is unstoppable. Approximately 25% of homes have rooftop solar panels
11 Nov 2014

“Place Where The Sun Rises” Will Now Cash In From Solar ATMs

The Mpumalanga province in eastern South Africa has been prone to frequent load-shedding like the rest of the country. Now this is ironic because “Mpumalanga” literally means “the place where the sun rises.” Just over a week
10 Nov 2014

UK’s National Grid secures £1.5bn loan from European Investment Bank

National Grid has secured a £1.5bn loan from the European Investment Bank (EIB) to fund electricity infrastructure projects throughout the UK. CTBR – News