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22 Dec 2014

Structure Data: From BuzzFeed to brain science

Gigaom’s Structure Data conference is just three months away — March 18 and 19 in New York — and it’s looking like our fifth one will be the best one yet. The… Gigaom Search
17 Dec 2014

US Department of Commerce increases tariffs on solar equipment imports from China

The US Department of Commerce (DOC) has increased the duty rates tariffs on most imports of solar panels made in China. CTBR – News
16 Dec 2014

Tesla Model S Mods Available From Revozport

If you like the Tesla Model S and can afford one, the Revozport mods for it might be appealing too. Revozport is a Chinese company that specializes in body kits. Its mods for the Model S include
9 Dec 2014

Biofuel From Sewage Biosolids Project Envisions Community-Sourced Energy

Originally published on Ecopreneurist. While some cleantech entrepreneurs are looking to further develop solar power, wind power, and marine power to meet some of our future energy needs, others are looking much closer to home with their
7 Dec 2014

COP20 Climate Talks Seek Input From Youth (VIDEO)

Discussions, workshops, and seminars carried on all day Thursday at the UNFCCC’s COP20 climate change convention in Lima. The main stage belonged to youth, however, as participants celebrated Young and Future Generations Day. It’s part of the
2 Dec 2014

ABB wins £460m living wage contract from SSE

Swiss power technology firm ABB has secured a £460m living wage contract from SSE’s networks business, Scottish Hydro Electric (SHE) Transmission, for a new subsea electricity link in Scotland, UK. CTBR – News
2 Dec 2014

Enbridge to buy 80% stake in two US wind farms from E.ON

Canadian energy firm Enbridge has agreed to acquire an 80% stake in two US wind farms from German power and gas company E.ON. CTBR – News
28 Nov 2014

How to stop Twitter from seeing what mobile apps you’ve installed

Twitter is going to start tracking what apps users have installed on their phone, so that the service can target advertising better, as well as recommending users or tweets for people… Gigaom Search
27 Nov 2014

Yingli wins 72MW solar panel supply contract from UK’s Solarcentury

Yingli Green Energy has secured a contract to deliver 72MW of multi- and monocrystalline solar panels to the UK-based Solarcentury. CTBR – News
25 Nov 2014

⅔ of New US Electricity Capacity Was From Wind In October

Two thirds of new US electricity generation capacity were from the wind sector in October. Five wind farms, with a cumulative capacity of 547 MW, went online. There were also 102 MW of biomass and 31 of utility-scale