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19 Oct 2014

The many ways Apple could seize control from the carriers with its new SIM card

Apple’s new SIM card will act as a gateway between the iPad and mobile networks. That gives Apple an enormous amount of power over the carriers. It’s doubtful, though, that Apple… Gigaom Search
16 Oct 2014

New Plug & Play Solar Panels From Fraunhofer (+ Solar News Roundup)

As with my EV news roundup today, I’m simplifying today’s solar energy roundup. Hope this works well for people. Enjoy! General Solar Stuff The Electricity Grid Is About To Change… A Lot! Advantages of Solar Energy Hinkley
16 Oct 2014

SolarCity Launches 1st Public Offering of Solar Bonds In USA — Clean Money From Clean Power

If you think MyPower is awesome, you are in for a bigger treat. SolarCity, which is currently the largest provider of solar power systems in the United States (more than 1 in every 3 new systems), has opened the gates to
14 Oct 2014

Study says energy generation from onshore wind costs less than gas, coal and nuclear

A study by energy consultant Ecofys has revealed that electricity generation from onshore wind costs less when compared to gas, coal and nuclear. CTBR – News
14 Oct 2014

Top 10 CleanTechnica Posts From The Past Week

I’m a day later than normal with this, but here are the top 10 CleanTechnica stories from the past week, in case you missed any of them or just in case you are eager to know what stories
13 Oct 2014

Drone developers get big open source boost from Linux Foundation, vendors like 3D Robotics and Box

The new “Dronecode Project” will make it easier for developers that want to build systems or tools for unmanned aircraft system to have access to a common platform. Gigaom Search
8 Oct 2014

Flexible electronics could draw their energy from graphene supercapacitors

A research team has created an energy storage device that is highly flexible and stretchy, which could make it useful in wearable technology. Gigaom Search
3 Oct 2014

IBM rolls out new server with help from Nvidia and the OpenPower Foundation

The new OpenPower Foundation sanctioned Power S824L server comes loaded with IBM’s POWER8 processor and Nvidia’s GPU accelerator and will be aimed at the webscale crowd. Gigaom Search
2 Oct 2014

Three things traditional media could learn from a crowdfunded Dutch news site

De Correspondent, the Dutch crowdfunding success story, has built a $ 2-million base of subscribers in just a year — and it has also learned a lot about how being open with… Gigaom Search
2 Oct 2014

Norvento wins turbines supply contract from VG Energy

Spain-based Norvento has secured a contract to supply VG Energy with seven nED100 100kW turbines for a portfolio of sites under development in Scotland, UK. CTBR – News