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31 Jul 2015

Handicapping On-Demand Market Sectors

The legality of the business model of certain on-demand service companies, like Uber and Homejoy, has led to a cultural debate about the relationship between on-demand workers and the services that… Gigaom Search
31 Jul 2015

Used Tesla Model S Buyers Show Expansion Of Tesla’s Market

Originally published on Gas2. Edmunds has conducted a little study of Tesla’s certified pre-owned (CPO) program and has come up with some interesting findings. Edmunds looked at registration data for 1,600+ Tesla already bought through the program. The
5 Jul 2015

Graphene Light Bulb Hitting The UK Market Soon

The first commercially available consumer product using graphene will soon be available in the UK — in the form of a light bulb coated in the much-hyped material. The graphene light bulb — which reportedly will reduce
5 Jul 2015

Perovskite Solar Cells — What This Breakthrough Needs To Get To Market

Originally published on Solar Love. Varun Sivaram, Samuel Stranks, and Henry Snaith have written an article for Scientific American about the wonders of perovskite solar cells, which are capable of stunning achievements in the laboratory. Sivaram says, ” [M]any
3 Jul 2015

The Choices & Changes For EU Electricity Market Redesign

Originally published on Energy Post. By Sonja van Renssen The EU is on the verge of a full redesign of its electricity market. Market rules need to be updated to the reality of a much more decentralised
30 Jun 2015

Uber For The Energy Market

By Peter Morice New York State is taking center stage in the energy sector after State Regulators and the New York Public Service Commission approved a roadmap for REV, the Reforming Energy Vision initiative. Still in the early
23 Jun 2015

SoftBank, Bharti and Foxconn form JV to tap renewable energy market in India

SoftBank, Bharti Enterprises and Foxconn Technology have agreed to form a joint venture (JV) to tap the renewable energy market in India. CTBR – News
7 May 2015

GTM Estimates PV Services Market To Reach $803 Million By 2020

The results from a new report from GTM Research and SoliChamba Consulting conclude that the US market for distributed PV services, such as asset management and operations & management, is set to reach $ 803 million by
30 Apr 2015

Shared Solar Could Be 49% Of Distributed PV Market By 2020

Originally published on NREL. Analysis from the Energy Department’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) finds that by making shared solar programs available to households and businesses that currently cannot host on-site photovoltaic (PV) systems shared solar could
16 Apr 2015

Yieldcos On Track To Become $100 Billion Market

Clean energy experts speaking at the Bloomberg New Energy Finance annual conference being held in New York believe that yieldcos are on track to become a $ 100 billion market — not bad, considering that yieldcos are a