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18 Dec 2014

US Solar + Storage Market To Go Beyond $1 Billion A Year By 2018

Originally published on Solar Love. SunPower and Sunverge just announced a big solar+storage partnership, which follows a partnership between SolarCity and Tesla as well as the announcement of several energy storage companies beginning to hit the market.
10 Dec 2014

Home Energy Management Market Expected To Exceed $3 Billion

Home energy management is becoming an important part of the overall energy mix, with tools like Nest and Blossom garnering attention from consumers and investors alike. As such, the home energy management market is expected to grow
7 Dec 2014

Eventual Trillion-Dollar Market (Not Al Gore) Spurring Energy Storage Growth

By Byron Anderson Utility-scale energy storage is often discussed like it’s the flying car of renewable energy, but unlike the flying car, there is an immediate need and an eventual trillion-dollar global market to go along with
3 Dec 2014

European Wind Market To Stabilise In 2014

The European wind market is expected to stabilise this year, after a decline in 2013, with a 2.5% year-over-year growth. And while short-term outlooks for Europe’s wind energy industry show declining wind demand, consulting firm MAKE believe
28 Nov 2014

Renault-Nissan Alliance Owns 58% Of Global EV Market

Originally published on Planetsave. With 58% of the global zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) market, there’s a strong argument to be made that the Renault-Nissan Alliance is the top electric vehicle manufacturer in the world, and the world leader
20 Nov 2014

Germany’s Renewable Energy Market, In Charts

Originally published on Solar Love. Germany is arguably the leading renewable energy market in the world. It’s big in wind energy, biomass energy, and of course solar energy. Prof. Dr. Bruno Burger of the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE
23 Oct 2014

Kia Soul EV 2015 Hits Californian Market, Range = 93 Miles, Fuel Economy = 105 MPGe

The Kia Soul EV 2015 edition has now made its debut on the Californian market, as of last week. The debut of the new EV from Kia means that the western state’s market is now home to 19
12 Oct 2014

Global energy efficiency market worth $310bn annually, IEA report says

The global energy efficiency market is estimated to be worth at least $ 310bn per year, according to a new report released by the International Energy Agency (IEA). CTBR – News
11 Oct 2014

Chile Now (Arguably) World’s Top Renewable Energy Market

Owing to Chile’s great renewable energy potential, its current reliance on expensive fossil fuel imports, its energy-intensive mining operations, and its supportive government, the country is now considered by many to be the world’s “top” renewable energy
11 Oct 2014

Europe’s big challenge: Creating a digital single market

Estonia could serve as a model for the European Union’s goal of creating a unified, €500-billion digital market. Gigaom Search