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5 Sep 2014

Baidu says its massive deep learning system is nearly complete

Baidu says its 100-billion-neuron deep learning system will be complete within six months, powering a fast transition away from text as the dominant search input. Thanks to smartphones and its new Baidu Eye technology, the company expects
15 Mar 2014

New report warns of massive amount of water used by traditional power plants to generate electricity

A report published by the European Wind Energy Association highlights the fact that that traditional power stations use vast amounts of water to generate power – and calls for this to be taken into account by Governments
12 Feb 2014

Massive Wind Farm Takes Shape Off…Rhode Island?

When it comes to tapping into America’s vast offshore wind power potential along the East Coast, the notorious Cape Wind project has been hogging  the spotlight, but creeping up right on its heels — and maybe even
11 Feb 2014

Bitcoin exchanges halt withdrawals as “massive” attack spreads

Bitcoin’s bad week got even worse on Tuesday as the chief security officer of Blockchain.info reported that hackers are launching DDoS attacks across the Bitcoin eco-system in an effort to exploit a software vulnerability that allows attackers to
31 Jan 2014

10 US Cities Making Massive Emissions Cuts Through Energy Efficiency

Buildings are the largest single source of carbon emissions in America, pouring out 40% of nationwide emissions and up to 75% of all emissions in some cities. Beyond the obvious climate challenge, building emissions also cause local
25 Dec 2013

Massive Cape Wind Project (Finally) Kicks Into High Gear

The global wind turbine leader Siemens has just inked a deal to provide its offshore turbines to the massive new Cape Wind wind power project, and that one contract could shake the offshore wind power market to
25 Dec 2013

NPD Solarbuzz Predict Massive 49 GW Solar PV Demand for 2014

NPD Solarbuzz have released their final 2013 NPD Solarbuzz Quarterly, and they are predicting that the solar PV industry is set for “explosive growth” in 2014. December is always the busiest time of year for analyst firms,
17 Dec 2013

Solar’s Massive Growth In Top 10 Solar Countries (Interactive Charts)

Originally published on Shrink That Footprint. In 2012, solar power produced just 0.5% of global electricity. It’s only a speck compared to coal (42%), natural gas (21%), hydro (15%), and nuclear (12%). But solar is a startup.
29 Sep 2013

Massive Growth Of Electric Cars In US, + Who Drives Electric Cars (Infographic)

We’ve already covered much of this, but I think there are some new stats here, and it’s always interesting to see these stats about the massive growth of electric cars in the US. So, enjoy this EV Obsession repost!
29 Aug 2013

Massive UK industrial base for offshore wind receives planning permission

UK trade body RenewableUK has welcomed the government’s decision to grant planning permission for a huge industrial base for the offshore wind sector on the east coast of England. CTBR – News