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27 Jan 2015

Google Fiber coming to four more cities

Google is set to announce its gigabit fiber-to-the-home service in Atlanta; Nashville, Tennessee; Charlotte and Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina this week according to the Wall Street Journal. The Journal quoted sources close… Gigaom Search
19 Jan 2015

Here’s what Facebook wants to do with 1,200 more employees

Facebook is growing its head count by as much as 14 percent according to a new Reuters report. It has 1,200 open job listings on its website, mostly for virtual reality roles with Oculus… Gigaom Search
11 Jan 2015

EU response to free speech killings? More internet censorship

In the wake of this week’s terrorist attacks in Paris, which began with the killing of 12 people at the offices of satirical publication Charlie Hebdo, the interior ministers of 12… Gigaom Search
9 Jan 2015

Up to three more Broadwell-based Chromebooks in the works

We only saw one new Chromebook at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, but if you listened to our Chrome Show podcast, you’d know why: The next-generation of Intel chips were only… Gigaom Search
4 Jan 2015

New Seagate drive streams content to Chromecast, Apple TV and more

Let’s face it: Hard drives aren’t sexy. Seagate thinks it can spice things up though, launching its new Seagate Personal Cloud drives on Sunday. By adding wireless capabilities to the drives, you… Gigaom Search
22 Dec 2014

EV Battery Experts Discuss Battery Costs & More (Interesting Video Discussion)

Today is clearly a video catchup day for me. This last one of the day is a super interesting discussion about electric vehicle (EV) batteries. It includes the CEO of LG Chem (which provides EV batteries to
15 Dec 2014

With slim profits, China’s Xiaomi is more like Amazon than Apple

Xiaomi reported only 347.5 million yuan in net profit last year on a regulatory filing which works out to USD $ 56 million — which means Xiaomi’s operating margin works out to… Gigaom Search
7 Dec 2014

Ex-Skypers unveil Wire app, offering voice, messaging and more

The free service is currently available on iOS, Android and OS X, though an in-browser version will arrive soon. It’s been under development for two years and has a very credible… Gigaom Search
30 Nov 2014

Being connected is more of a good thing than it is a bad thing

There are plenty of things that are bad about being connected to the internet and the social web all the time, but there are far more good things about it, including… Gigaom Search
27 Nov 2014

Global Solar PV Module Capacity To More Than Treble By 2020

New figures released by GlobalData predict that the global cumulative installed capacity of solar PV modules will more than treble by 2020. The company’s latest report, Solar PV Module Value Chain – Market Size, Average Price, Market