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8 Sep 2014

EV Batteries Are More Awesome Than We Thought. Probably.

When I went to buy my EV, I was concerned about battery life. Sure, the car would come with a battery warranty, some of which are more awesome than others, but what about after the warranty expired?
3 Sep 2014

Connected insoles, jewelry and more. We really need wireless power.

The more gadgets I collect, the more I long for freedom from the power cord. Charging the internet of things is a pain point that I hope wireless power can solve. Connected insoles, jewelry and more. We
29 Aug 2014

Hortonworks gets more serious about real-time data with Kafka integration

Hortonworks has added Apache Kafka to tis Hadoop software platform as a technical preview. Kafka isn’t the most popular tool in the world, but it’s widely used among large web companies, making it a useful add-on for
26 Aug 2014

Opera’s doing well on Android, with more than 100M users

Opera for Android has increased its user numbers 73 percent year-on-year, even though its share of the Android market actually appears to be falling. Opera’s doing well on Android, with more than 100M users originally published by
24 Aug 2014

Africa To See More Renewable Energy Growth In 2014 Than In 2000-2013

Sub-Saharan Africa is set to see more renewable energy come online this year than it has in the previous 14 years, proof that the region is becoming one of the most exciting markets to watch for renewable
18 Aug 2014

NYC Has More Food Waste To Energy Tricks Up Its Sleeve

New York City is set to expand its new food waste-to-energy pilot program this fall from a somewhat measly two tons per day straight up to 50 tons per day. NYC Has More Food Waste To Energy
17 Aug 2014

Citi Bike To Expand To Queens, North Manhattan, Williamsburg, & More

Bicycles are here to stay. Sometimes a bicycle gets you from here to there faster than the subway. Luckily, Citi Bike, NYC’s bike-sharing program, keeps growing. It is expanding due to increased funds. Very soon, Queens will have
15 Aug 2014

Halide Salts Make Lithium Batteries More Durable

Chemical engineers at Cornell University used halide salts to create safer, longer-lasting lithium batteries. The Daily Fusion
15 Aug 2014

Volkswagen, Audi to Offer More Sustainable Driving Experience

As the Volkswagen family of automobiles enters their new hybrid and electric vehicles to the U.S. they’ve already started partnering with companies to offer a more sustainable driving experience, like home solar power and carbon sequestration. The
13 Aug 2014

Choosing Gas Could Cost 40% More Than Renewable Energy

RenewEconomy By Sophie Vorrath Relying on gas-fired electricity generation “as a serious option” for reducing greenhouse emissions and cleaning up Australia’s power sector could cost up to 40 per cent more than a shift to renewables, and leave