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24 Apr 2015

Driving EVs For More Than A Decade — Comments & Stories From Early Adopters

It might be a bit of a surprise to some, but electric vehicles (EVs) have now been commercially available for more than a decade — enough time to get a really comprehensive handle on the experience of
9 Apr 2015

Academics Call For More University Divestment Of Fossil Fuel Investments

The international association of Academics Stand Against Poverty has come out in favor of the growing movement of universities divesting from fossil fuel investments. The news comes on the heels of several big divestment announcements, including Syracuse
6 Apr 2015

Ah, Investors… (Or, More Specifically, Tesla Investors…)

I included Tesla’s “Model W” announcement in my clean transport link drop on April 2. I did read the article first, and I think anyone who read the article wouldn’t have to think much to realize it was
4 Apr 2015

The Challenge With Solar Leads, & How To Approach Them More Effectively

By Joe Harris, founder of Grid Freedom* Solar leads are a tool just like any other. If the wrong tool is used for the job, the job becomes difficult, frustrating, and unlikely to be done properly, if
2 Apr 2015

OECD: Rich Nations Provide Far More In Export Subsidies For Fossil Fuel Technologies Than For Renewables

Wealthy nations spend, on average, roughly 5 times more on export subsidies for fossil fuel technologies than for renewables, based on newly revealed data from the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). Given that the European
30 Mar 2015

Hydro One plans to complete more transmission projects in Ontario

The Province of Ontario-owned Hydro One is planing to complete more than $ 688m in transmission improvement and replacement work projects between 2015 and 2018. CTBR – News
29 Mar 2015

China’s Coal Cap Policy Will Create More Clean Energy Jobs

Originally published on NRDC. China’s national policies to control coal consumption can lead to greater and better employment opportunities in China’s power sector and related industries, according to a new study released today by the China Coal
27 Mar 2015

The First State To Generate More Than 5% Of Electricity From Utility-Scale Solar Is…

Originally published on EIA. California has become the first state with more than 5% of its annual utility-scale electricity generation from utility-scale solar power, according to EIA’s Electric Power Monthly. California’s utility-scale (1 megawatt (MW) or larger)
26 Mar 2015

Hidden Benefits Of Electric Cars, Even More “Environmentally Friendly” Than Previously Thought

In addition to the most obvious benefits of electric vehicle (EV) use — a diminished carbon footprint, less air pollution, etc — there are many other, more subtle, benefits as well. New research from Michigan State University
25 Mar 2015

More Solar Records, Lowering Solar Customer Acquisition Costs… (Clean Energy Link Drop)

Get your clean electricity fixin’s here (after scrolling through our own clean electricity stories): Solar Energy Rooftop/Small-Scale Solar Make Cities Solar Hubs, Says Stanford Study New Homes Must Be Ready For Solar Panels Says San Diego SolarCity