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30 Oct 2014

Two more key Twitter product engineers leave the company

Twitter is reorganizing once again, and with that shift, Twitter’s lead of Analytics, Adam Kinney, and VP of Engineering, Jeremy Gordon, are moving on. No word yet on where they’re heading, but… Gigaom Search
23 Oct 2014

Microsoft’s big freaking servers make cloud wars even more interesting

On this week’s Structure Show: Microsoft adds more powerful IaaS capabilities while Amazon makes AWS more enterprise-worthy. Gigaom Search
21 Oct 2014

More fun with low-power Wi-Fi and IP cameras from Homeboy

Homeboy is offering a wireless IP camera that can take video from basically anywhere, integrates with other services and costs $ 149. Gigaom Search
19 Oct 2014

OpenStack Juno debuts, more moving and shaking by cloud providers

The week in cloud: OpenStack M&A continues — stay tuned for more action. And Max Schireson on MongoDB momentum (and why he stepped down as CEO.) Gigaom Search
18 Oct 2014

Investing In Solar Leads To More Community Involvement

Solar Love. NESTA is an innovation charity in the UK that supports projects that better society. Research conducted by the organization found that a solar power schools project encouraged greater interest in community engagement. Specifically, 35% of
15 Oct 2014

More Tesla Model D Details Emerge

More details of the Tesla Model S with Dual Motor Drive have appeared, including prices and just how much extra mileage and speed each version gets More Tesla Model D Details Emerge was originally published on CleanTechnica.
13 Oct 2014

Warren Buffett’s MidAmerican Energy Investing $280 Million More Into Iowa Wind Farms

Warren Buffet’s energy investment vehicle MidAmerican Energy — which has already invested over $ 15 billion into renewable energy — will soon be investing a further $ 280 million into Iowa wind farms. To be specific, the
10 Oct 2014

This company says it can fix the sales process using lots of data science, and even more data

Provo, Utah–based sales automation company InsideSales has always been interested in applying data analysis to mountains of sales data. After delivering on this mission last year, the company is now ramping… Gigaom Search
27 Sep 2014

Does Tesla Need More Cash? Goldman Sachs Say Yes, Musk Says No

Does Tesla need more cash in order to continue growing and meeting sales expectations? That’s an interesting question, but not one where there’s much consensus on the/an answer — as demonstrated by recent comments from an analyst
26 Sep 2014

Want an Android phone with Google services? Google now has more say over its software

New documentation shows that Google is placing more requirements on hardware partners to feature Google apps. Is that a problem? Not a new one; it’s the key, oft-misunderstood difference between Android,… Gigaom Search