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25 Nov 2015

The Autowende Is Here In More Ways Than One: “Revolutionary” EV Battery Begins Production

The startup company Solid Power could be on track to produce a solid state lithium-sulfur EV battery that outperforms lithium-ion and costs less, too The Autowende Is Here In More Ways Than One: “Revolutionary” EV Battery Begins
24 Nov 2015

$80,000 = Tesla Model X 70D Base Price (+ More Details)

Originally published on EV Obsession. Nearly two months ago, a potential Tesla Model X customer (@Chargingtimes) tweeted Elon (while Elon was engaging in a tweetstorm regarding Model X matter) to ask if and when a lower-range, lower-cost Model
19 Nov 2015

SeatGeek launches a marketplace for ticket sales, mobile transfers, & more

Whether you’re doing it via Facebook or Craigslist or your shady friend Greg who has a penchant for “small-scale capitalism,” buying tickets to a sold out event is usually not a pleasant experience. With that in mind, ticket
18 Nov 2015

After 10 Years Of Sustainability Initiatives, Walmart Uses More Coal Than Ever

Walmart seems to be the store we all love to hate. We blame it for a variety of ills, including predatory pricing that undercuts locally-owned stores, being strongly anti-union, and paying its employees just enough to keep
8 Nov 2015

Surprise, Surprise: People Who Know More About EVs Want Them More

Originally published on EV Obsession. The more that someone knows about electric vehicles, the more likely they are to consider buying one, according to a new survey from the Consumer Federation of America. The survey revealed that
6 Nov 2015

China Burning More Coal Than Previously Reported

Despite past governmental reporting and previous optimism, China has been burning more coal than it had previously reported. New figures released quietly by the Chinese Government this week shows that, more than simply burning more coal, China
2 Nov 2015

Snapchat’s effort to make its policies more readable backfires

Snapchat has attempted to ease the fear, uncertainty, and doubt that spread like wildfire after it updated its terms of service and privacy policy last week. The company said in a blog post today that it continues to
20 Oct 2015

New Corn Ethanol Study Finds Renewable Fuel Standard “Created More Problems Than Solutions”

A ten-year review of the US Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) by researchers at the University of Tennessee (UT) found that the RFS is “too reliant” on corn ethanol, and the production of this biofuel is resulting in
12 Oct 2015

20 More BMW i3s Hit London DriveNow Fleet

Originally published on EV Obsession. The carsharing service DriveNow has added 20 new BMW i3s to its London fleet, according to a recent email sent to EVObsession — bringing the number of i3s in the London fleet
6 Oct 2015

1st-Hand Take On Tesla Model X & Model X Launch Event (Original Pics, Videos, & More)

Originally published on Big Picture Big Sound. By Chris Boylan I had the opportunity to attend Tesla’s Model X launch event last week in Fremont, California, and I’m here to tell you, Tesla Motors is one giant step closer