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3 Mar 2015

Box buys small security startup to court more risk-averse clients

Fresh off its IPO in January, Box has made its first acquisition of the year, buying a small security startup called Subspace, the company said on Wednesday. Financial terms of the… Gigaom Search
24 Feb 2015

Medium gets a bit more Twitter-like, and a bit more blog-like

Medium has been known primarily for its long-form, magazine-style pieces — but founder Evan Williams says it wants to be a home for shorter posts as well, so it has launched… Gigaom Search
20 Feb 2015

Cloudera claims more than $100M in revenue in 2014

Hadoop vendor Cloudera announced on Tuesday that the company’s “[p]reliminary unaudited total revenue surpassed $ 100 million” in 2014. That the company, which is still privately held, would choose to disclose even… Gigaom Search
18 Feb 2015

Use young lawyers and more thoughts from CIOs moving to the cloud

One of the biggest roadblock to adopting the public cloud for Rich Roseman, former CIO at 21st Century Fox had nothing to do with bandwidth, vendor-lock in or security. It had… Gigaom Search
18 Feb 2015

Active antennas could mean more powerful Wi-Fi networks

Smart antenna maker Ethertronics is taking active antenna technology it originally developed for mobile phones and applying it to Wi-Fi routers and gadgets. Its hope is to create consumer wireless networks… Gigaom Search
8 Feb 2015

IKEA Sold More Than €1 Billion Of “Sustainable” Products In 2014

The multinational giant IKEA sold more than €1 billion ($ 1.13 billion) worth of sustainable products last year, according to the company’s most recent sustainability report. To be exact here, sales of these “sustainability products” — that
7 Feb 2015

Indiana Farms Save More With Solar Than Homes Do

Farms in Indiana could save up to 92% by using solar energy rather than traditional grid-sourced electricity, whereas homes in the same state would only save approximately 50%. This, according to a new study conducted by economists
7 Feb 2015

Iberdrola plans to invest more in renewable energy across UK

Iberdrola has unveiled plans to invest heavily in renewable energy across the UK with a particular focus on Scotland. CTBR – News
3 Feb 2015

The first silicene transistors promise more powerful electronics

If electronics stalwart silicon and futuristic graphene had a child, it would be silicene. And silicene is growing up. A University of Texas-Austin engineer has made the first transistors from silicene, moving… Gigaom Search
2 Feb 2015

Renewable Cities Gets More Great Speakers

If you were checking in over the holidays, you probably noticed that I’ll be one of the speakers at a hot new conference called “Renewable Cities.” There were already several great speakers lined up back then, but a