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4 Oct 2015

Most Efficient Commercial Solar Panels In USA To Come From SolarCity?

Originally published on Solar Love. On October 2, SolarCity announced that it has developed the world’s most efficient solar panels. The new panels convert more than 22% of sunlight into electricity. SolarCity will begin producing the first of
24 Sep 2015

Zuli’s smartplug heads to Lowe’s next week — should most people care?

I wanted to review the Zuli smartplug, a device that makes a compelling argument for the Internet of Things without requiring consumers to set up a bunch of sensors, connect a… Gigaom Search
6 Sep 2015

World’s “Most Sophisticated” Food Waste Digester Will Make CNG Vehicles Honest

A food waste A-Team is converging on the tiny hamlet of Yaphank, Long Island, and CNG vehicles throughout the region will get renewable biogas World’s “Most Sophisticated” Food Waste Digester Will Make CNG Vehicles Honest was originally
13 Aug 2015

First Solar Has Already Sold Out Of PV Module Capacity For 2015 + Most Of 2016

Originally published on Solar Love. First Solar has already sold out of solar photovoltaic (PV) module capacity for 2015, and for most of 2016, according to the most recent figures. Overall, the company beat analyst predictions pretty
9 Aug 2015

5 Most Breathtaking Electric Drives in Europe & More (Videos)

Originally published on Gas2. If you don’t have the time in the immediate future to travel Europe, contemplate this brief journey through the eyes of a Nissan LEAF. The electric jaunt shares the 5 “most breathtaking electric
4 May 2015

Tesla Owner With Most Miles Talks Benefits Of A Tesla Model S

Originally published on EV Obsession. Those wondering how well the Tesla Model S can hold up to the rigors of intensive use will probably be interested to hear what a physician by the name of Dante Richardson
12 Apr 2015

Elon Musk: Since Most Tesla Owners Do Save $10,000 In Gas Costs Over 5 Years, We’re Sticking With Advertising Prices Minus These Costs

Tesla Motors’ website (in most markets, anyway) now shows the price of a new Model S as the actual cost minus $ 10,000 in ‘saved fuel costs.’ There has been some backlash (since it’s not the sticker price) but
23 Jan 2015

The Key To Making The Most Of Rising Wind Energy Production Is…

Originally published on ABB. By Alfredo Parres Supporting electricity grids as wind power reaches new highs As winter storms lash northern Europe, Denmark has announced record highs for wind’s contribution to its national electricity production. Global wind
22 Jan 2015

HGST still makes most reliable hard drives, says Backblaze

HGST is the reigning champion of hard drives when it comes to reliability, according to cloud backup provider Backblaze, which should know since it deploys tens of thousands of drives to… Gigaom Search
28 Dec 2014

5 tips and tricks to get the most out of your new Amazon Fire TV

So you got your hands on a new Amazon Fire TV or a Fire TV stick this holiday season. You’ve spent the last few days watching Netflix or Amazon Prime Instant,… Gigaom Search