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23 Jan 2014

TiVo reportedly fired most of its hardware engineering staff

TiVo is apparently preparing itself for a future in which it won’t make any DVRs for retail customers anymore: The company laid off most of its industrial designers, according to a Wired report, as part of a
31 Dec 2013

Sponsored post: This March, come to the most important GPU developer conference

Mark your calendar for the 2014 GPU Technology Conference (GTC), the world’s biggest, most important GPU developer conference. Taking place in the heart of Silicon Valley, it offers opportunities to learn how to harness the latest GPU
21 Dec 2013

Ten tips to get the most out of your new Chromecast

So you got yourself a Chromecast, either as an early holiday gift, or you just bought it for yourself. You unpacked it, installed it, watched a bit of Netflix or YouTube, and now you are wondering: What
15 Dec 2013

The three most common ways data junkies are using Hadoop

Just a few weeks ago, Apache Hadoop 2.0 was declared generally available–a huge milestone for the Hadoop market as it unlocks the vision of interacting with stored data in unprecedented ways. Hadoop remains the typical underpinning technology
9 Dec 2013

Most Exciting Technology/Company At EVS27 — EP Tender

There were some pretty wicked cars at EVS27, cool wireless charging technology, Brammo electric motorcycles, and more, but the technology offering that excited me the most was what EP Tender is looking to bring to market. It’s
30 Nov 2013

NYSERDA Study: Most New Yorkers Are Ready to Replace Incandescent Bulbs with CFLs and LEDs

New Yorkers recognize the value of switching from incandescent light bulbs to more energy-efficient options, according to a recent survey conducted for the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA). CTBR – News
26 Nov 2013

Germans Living In Small Cities Would Most Benefit From Electric Cars

One of the studies presented at EVS27* in Barcelona last week was a study regarding the segments of the German population that would most benefit (economically) from switching to an electric car. The study, conducted by Patrick Plötz and Till
25 Nov 2013

Most Attractive States For Investing In Solar

Originally published on Cost of Solar. –> See how much money solar power could save you! There are a lot of ways to evaluate the attractiveness of a place for renewable energy or solar energy investment, and to
7 Nov 2013

Samsung exec: Pretty hardware is great, but in the end, it’s the services that matter most

Consumer behavior is changing — and manufacturers have to catch up, no matter whether they make fridges, phones or televisions. Samsung makes all of those, and Curtis Sasaki, SVP and Head of Samsung Media Solutions Center America,
25 Oct 2013

Energy Efficiency Is The World’s Most Important “Fuel,” IEA Says In New Report

Energy efficiency is the world’s most important “fuel,” according to a new report from the International Energy Agency (IEA). Investments in energy efficiency provide such massive savings that the energy saved actually completely eclipses the energy generated