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1 Aug 2014

Statkraft to sell 49% stake in UK onshore wind power portfolio

Norwegian state owned electricity firm Statkraft has agreed to sell a 49% interest in its UK onshore wind power portfolio to Gingko Tree Investment. CTBR – News
1 Aug 2014

Indian Companies Launch Interest-Free Loans For Solar Power Products

Indian private sector companies are warming up to the idea of rural electrification floated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The Indian government has promised 100% electrification of the country by 2019, and solar power would play a
31 Jul 2014

How To Power California With Wind, Wave, & Solar Energy

With a population of over 38 million and rising, California has often been deemed of sufficient size to almost be considered a nation-state of its own. The Golden State’s GDP is on par with many countries, and
31 Jul 2014

SPCG, Kyocera complete 257MW solar power project in Thailand

SPCG Public Company and Kyocera have completed a 257MW solar power project in Thailand. CTBR – News
30 Jul 2014

German onshore wind power market surges in H1 2014

The onshore wind power market in Germany saw a 66% increase in the first half of 2014 with 1,723MW of new capacity bringing the total to 35,389MW by the end of June, according to data from two
30 Jul 2014

SolarReserve signs contract for 20MW solar power project in El Salvador

US-based developer of utility-scale solar power projects SolarReserve has signed a supply contract for its 20MW Acajutla photovoltaic (PV) power project in El Salvador. CTBR – News
30 Jul 2014

Topological Insulators Could Power Memory Devices

A new phase of matter known as topological insulators, until recently known only for esoteric quantum-mechanical properties, might have a practical use in controlling magnetic memory and logic devices. The Daily Fusion
29 Jul 2014

Enel Green Power begins construction of 50MW wind farm in Uruguay

Italian renewable energy developer Enel Green Power has commenced the construction of a $ 98m wind power project in eastern Uruguay. CTBR – News
29 Jul 2014

Study: It Is Feasible to Power California With Renewables

A new Stanford study discovers that it is economically and technically feasible to convert California’s energy infrastructure to renewables like solar energy, wind and hydroelectricity. The Daily Fusion
28 Jul 2014

Half The Price Of Coal & Natural Gas: Wind Power In Denmark

The cheapest form of new electricity in Denmark will be onshore wind power when new turbines become operational in 2016, according to a new analysis by the country’s government. The price has been estimated to be about