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22 Jul 2014

Utilities Cry “Fowl” Over Duck Chart And Distributed Solar Power

The rapid changes to the electricity system being wrought by distributed solar have utilities crying out, and they’ve poured much of their distributed solar angst into a chart being shared throughout the energy nerdocracy – the duck. The
22 Jul 2014

Grupotec wins contracts for 200MW of solar power projects in UK

Grupotec Renewables has secured contracts for projects totaling 200MW of solar power in the UK. CTBR – News
21 Jul 2014

Why The Fossil Fuel Industry Hates Wind Power

Originally published on RenewEconomy by Giles Parkinson. Wind energy has a significant impact on wholesale prices, particularly in those peak demand events when fossil fuel generators used to make most money. New research from the University of Queensland
19 Jul 2014

Imergy Power Systems Interview On Vanadium Recycling For Flow Batteries

Imergy Power Systems has developed an exclusive process that recycles waste to recover vanadium for use in their flow batteries. Below is an interview about the process and its value. 1. Where does the mining slag for Imergy’s vanadium
16 Jul 2014

European Investment Bank Provides €150 Million Loan To Israel’s Largest Solar Power Project

Solar troughs in the Negev desert of Israel Israel is working towards achieving its goal to source 10% of its total electricity needs from renewable energy sources by 2020. In this endeavor the country has received a
15 Jul 2014

141 MW Solar Power Plant Set For Chile

A 141 MW solar power plant might not sound like a lot to some of us American or European readers, but the recently approved solar plant for the Chilean Atacama Desert will the largest built to date
15 Jul 2014

KIT Commissions Germany’s Largest Solar Power Storage Park

On the occasion of the Baden-Württemberg Sustainability Days, the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) has commissioned what it claims is the Germany’s largest solar power storage park. The Daily Fusion
14 Jul 2014

Scotland awards funding to reduce costs of offshore wind power

The Scottish government has awarded £2.2m in funding to a Carbon Trust programme that aims to reduce the costs of offshore wind power. CTBR – News
13 Jul 2014

Akuo Energy, DCNS secure EC funding for ocean power plant in Martinique

Akuo Energy and DCNS have secured €72.1m funding from the European Commission (EC) to develop a 16MW offshore ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC) plant in Martinique. CTBR – News
13 Jul 2014

Huge Legal Victory For Rooftop Solar Power

If you’ve never heard of the company Eagle Point Solar before, you’re going to hear a lot more now. The Dubuque-based rooftop solar specialist’s biggest installed project to date measures up to only 370 kilowatts, but the