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24 Nov 2014

India’s Largest Power Producer Expands Solar Energy Plans

State governments across India are implementing highly ambitious plans to rapidly expand solar power generation capacity. While a few are roping in private sector companies, most are opting for large government-owned companies with proven track records in
23 Nov 2014

Stung By Rising Coal Prices, India’s Tata Power Plans Renewable Energy Acquisitions

Private sector power companies in India seem to have realised the business case behind the fuel cost advantage of renewable energy projects over conventional power projects and are now looking to expand their renewable energy portfolios. The
23 Nov 2014

Keystone, Schmeystone: US Marines Want More Portable Solar Power To Fight The War Of The Future

All that hot air over the proposed Keystone XL Pipeline doesn’t mean beans to US Marines: they want more portable solar power for the war of the future Keystone, Schmeystone: US Marines Want More Portable Solar Power
20 Nov 2014

Imergy Power Receives Order From Hawaii’s Energy Research Systems

Fremont, California–based Imergy Power, a provider of advanced energy storage systems, has received an order from Hawaii’s Energy Research Systems for four of its flow battery systems. Two of them are for residential customers, one is for
19 Nov 2014

Forget Perovskite, We’re Talking Iron Pyrite For Low Cost Solar Power

Fool’s gold might seem like an unlikely pathway to low cost solar power but new research reveals some promise under the shiny skin of iron pyrite Forget Perovskite, We’re Talking Iron Pyrite For Low Cost Solar Power
19 Nov 2014

DEWA signs MoU with ABB to develop solar power project

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Switzerland-based ABB to develop a solar power project with a grid connected rooftop 277kW photovoltaic (PV) system. CTBR – News
18 Nov 2014

US NRL partners with power firm to reduce NOx emissions from coal plants

The US Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) has partnered with a power firm to apply its pulsed electron beam technology in order to reduce the nitric oxide and nitrogen dioxide (NOx) emissions from coal power plants. CTBR –
18 Nov 2014

SunEdison and TerraForm Power to buy First Wind for $2.4bn

SunEdison and TerraForm Power have agreed to acquire the US-based renewable energy firm First Wind for about $ 2.4bn. CTBR – News
17 Nov 2014

Enel Green Power signs loan agreement to finance Dominica I wind farm in Mexico

Italian renewable energy firm Enel Green Power has signed a $ 104m loan agreement to finance its Dominica I wind farm in Mexico. CTBR – News
17 Nov 2014

Bolivia’s First Solar Power Plant Powered By Yingli Solar Panels

Bolivia’s first utility-scale solar power plant — and the largest storage-equipped hybrid PV-diesel project in the world — was built entirely using Yingli Green Energy solar PV panels, as revealed by recent reports. To be specific —