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12 Mar 2015

US Falls Behind China & UK In Small & Medium Wind Power

A new report analysing the small and medium wind turbine market has found that China, the UK, and Italy lead globally, while the US is lagging well behind. The report, published by Navigant Research, analyses the global
10 Mar 2015

Small battery systems deliver economic benefits, says NREL

The US Department of Energy’s (DOE) National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) has announced that in the absence of incentives, small battery systems reducing peak demand by 2.5% offer the most attractive return on investment. CTBR – News
3 Mar 2015

Box buys small security startup to court more risk-averse clients

Fresh off its IPO in January, Box has made its first acquisition of the year, buying a small security startup called Subspace, the company said on Wednesday. Financial terms of the… Gigaom Search
7 Jan 2015

Global Small & Medium Wind To Reach 3.2 GW

The market for small and medium wind energy installations through the next decade is expected to total more than 3.2 GW, according to new analysis from Navigant Research, but only if the market can reduce costs and survive
2 Dec 2014

UK carrier EE uses small cells to deploy rural LTE network

The British mobile carrier EE has hooked up a rural village in the north of England using a new kind of LTE network that doesn’t require fixed-line broadband connections to its… Gigaom Search
12 Nov 2014

Small German Town Becomes Smart Grid Testing Ground

Originally published on Rocky Mountain Institute. By Laurie Guevara-​Stone A small German town in southern Bavaria is participating in an interesting experiment proving that a high-renewables future is viable. Wildpoldsried (pop. 2,600) currently produces 500 percent more
3 Nov 2014

Small Town In Victoria Sets 100% Renewable Energy Goal For 2022

RenewEconomy. It seems that it is not just towns in New South Wales that are looking to meet all their own electricity needs with renewable energy – a small township in Victoria is also looking to become
27 Oct 2014

Why Is There So Much Confusion About “Small Wind”?

Have you ever noticed energy blogs or articles about small wind turbines comparing them directly with big wind technology and solar? I am writing this article to provide a little background on where small wind turbines can
24 Oct 2014

Why NFC in the iPad Air 2 is a big deal for small businesses

Apple stuck an NFC controller chip in the iPad Air 2, although it’s not used for anything at the moment. Gigaom Search
7 Oct 2014

How we built it: When it comes to packaging, sweat the small stuff

This is the fifth post in our How We Built it package featuring lessons from entrepreneurs on getting from an idea to a product. August’s CEO shares how he carried his… Gigaom Search