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27 Oct 2014

Why Is There So Much Confusion About “Small Wind”?

Have you ever noticed energy blogs or articles about small wind turbines comparing them directly with big wind technology and solar? I am writing this article to provide a little background on where small wind turbines can
24 Oct 2014

Why NFC in the iPad Air 2 is a big deal for small businesses

Apple stuck an NFC controller chip in the iPad Air 2, although it’s not used for anything at the moment. Gigaom Search
7 Oct 2014

How we built it: When it comes to packaging, sweat the small stuff

This is the fifth post in our How We Built it package featuring lessons from entrepreneurs on getting from an idea to a product. August’s CEO shares how he carried his… Gigaom Search
28 Aug 2014

Iberdrola upgrades 45 small hydro power plants in Spain

Renewable energy firm Iberdrola has upgraded 45 of its 92 small hydro power plants in Spain. CTBR – News
6 Jul 2014

$3.2 Million For Clean Energy Small Businesses

Slightly over three million dollars is being offered to clean energy small businesses and entrepreneurs as part of the National Incubator Initiative.  Energy Secretary Moniz made the announcement in Chicago, “With the right tools, these businesses and
29 Jun 2014

In search of the small, smart and connected breast pump

In the first several months of my daughter’s life, I found two electronic devices essential. One was my iPhone, for taking a thousand pictures of the baby in the same position or texting during late-night feeding sessions.
12 Jun 2014

Smart Control for Small Air Conditioning Units: tado° Cooling

Originally published on sustainablog. Smart Control for Small Air Conditioning Units: tado° Cooling (via sustainablog) Those of us with central air conditioning don’t have much trouble adding “smart” elements to our system: a programmable thermostat will allow
23 Apr 2014

Highest Efficiency Achieved for Small GaAs Solar Cells

Engineering researchers at the University of Arkansas have achieved the highest efficiency ever in a 9 mm2 solar cell made of gallium arsenide. Read more » The Daily Fusion
12 Feb 2014

Governor Corbett announces energy-efficiency, pollution-prevention grants to 134 small businesses

Governor Tom Corbett announced that the Department of Environmental Protection has awarded $ 996,713 in grants to help 134 small businesses across Pennsylvania invest in energy-efficiency or pollution-prevention projects. CTBR – News
5 Jan 2014

Android this week: Small Acer tablets; Pandora wakes you; Galaxy S 5 design ideas

It’s the weekend before the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show and I can’t ever remember more products being announced in this last run-up before the show. Take Acer’s news just on Friday, for example: The company introduced two