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25 Aug 2014

Smart Grid Spending Expected To Total Nearly $600 Billion By 2023

Following on from news earlier this week, which saw Navigant Research predict investment in microgrids to reach $ 31 billion in the Asia Pacific region by 2023, the same company has released another report investigating smart grid
24 Aug 2014

A better front door: What will it take for smart locks to succeed?

Consumers have been relatively slow to adopt smartphone and app-controlled door locks. Here are a few things that may convince homeowners to install them. A better front door: What will it take for smart locks to succeed?
15 Aug 2014

Sharp Launches Smart Energy Storage For Buildings

Solar Love. Energy storage systems are a boon for generators, especially renewable energy generators, as they can regulate their energy supply while maintaining grid discipline. But energy storage systems can be of great advantage to large consumers
29 Jul 2014

How much data to a smart home generate? About a 1 GB a week.

The internet of things is about data. So this week’s podcast we talk to a Splunk executive who connected his home and uses the data to inform his lifestyle and purchases. How much data to a smart
29 Jul 2014

JRC Measures Smart Meter Deployment Across EU

According to the Joint Research Center (JRC), the EU in-house scientific service, over 70% of European consumers will have a smart meter for electricity by 2020. The Daily Fusion
17 Jul 2014

Microsoft outlines its smart, “bottom-up” approach to grow Windows Phone

In a mobile world dominated by Android and iOS, how can Microsoft gain market share with its Windows Phone devices? It’s not a new question, and hints of the answer have been around for the past year
29 Jun 2014

In search of the small, smart and connected breast pump

In the first several months of my daughter’s life, I found two electronic devices essential. One was my iPhone, for taking a thousand pictures of the baby in the same position or texting during late-night feeding sessions.
18 Jun 2014

Flesky Messenger puts a useable touchscreen keyboard on Samsung’s Gear 2 smart watch

Color me impressed. I never thought a touchscreen keyboard could effectively work on the small screen of a wearable display but Flesky appears to have proven me wrong. The company announced its Flesky Messenger app for the
17 Jun 2014

Over $4 Billion Invested in Smart Grids in Europe

According to the Joint Research Center (JRC), the EU in-house scientific service, more than 450 smart grid projects in Europe account for a total investment of €3.15 billion (≈$ 4.27 billion). The Daily Fusion
16 Jun 2014

Samsung Smart Bike Comes With Lasers! (VIDEO)

Originally published on Gas2. Milan Design Week is where the Samsung Smart Bike has been unveiled, chock full of smartphone connectivity within its sleek design. With a frame built by bike artisan Giovanni Pelizzoli, the Samsung Smart