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27 Feb 2015

City of Santa Ana, California selects IDModeling’s Sedaru smart water enterprise software

The City of Santa Ana Public Works Agency in California has selected IDModeling’s Sedaru smart water enterprise software. CTBR – News
11 Feb 2015

Grocery shopping might be less painful with this smart cart

Cambridge Consultants, a product development group based in the U.K., is showing off a connected shopping cart that can tell a retailer where you are in a store within three feet… Gigaom Search
9 Feb 2015

Trellie launches a Swatch concept for smart rings and bracelets

Components are finally getting small and cheap enough that ladies (and gentlemen) can expect fashionable connected jewelry that won’t break the bank or their fingers, which is why the wearables market… Gigaom Search
2 Feb 2015

Here’s how GE plans to make your older appliances smart

GE Appliance is sending out 20,000 Wi-Fi modules to let customers connect older refrigerators to the Wink smart home system, according to a Wink executive who will work with the appliance… Gigaom Search
21 Jan 2015

Ditch the hub and check out some software apps for the smart home

A growing number of people have a connected device or three in their home, but don’t really want to trouble themselves with a home automation hub or sensors or programming a… Gigaom Search
15 Jan 2015

Wirecard’s Smart Band: A mobile wallet you wear around your wrist

When the Apple Watch comes out this year, it will have a pretty unique feature among wearables in the market: you’ll be able to buy stuff by waving the wearable at… Gigaom Search
15 Jan 2015

Finland Is Courting Pension Funds With A Smart Grid Multi-Asset Portfolio

By Dr. Peter Adriaens, Co-founder a CEO of the Keystone Compact Group At the G20 Summit this past September, the World Bank announced its plans to base a Global Infrastructure Initiative (GII) in Australia. The effort is specifically
5 Jan 2015

GE’s new smart appliances are cool, but where are my retrofits?

GE is introducing some smart appliances designed to save time and energy at CES in Las Vegas this week, but all I can wonder as I gaze into my more productive… Gigaom Search
4 Jan 2015

Smart House predicted the smart home in 1999. So where is it?

In 1999, before internet of things was a buzz word and back when we still used floppy disks, there was a movie called Smart House. It was a Disney Channel Original… Gigaom Search
30 Dec 2014

Hanging with my husband: His thoughts on our smart home

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&visual=true” width=”100%” height=”450″ iframe=”true” /] The Internet of Things podcast is back this week with a short and sweet episode featuring my husband as my guest and co-host discussing… Gigaom Search