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17 Aug 2015

Glasgow Electric Plant Board in US to install Sunverge’s smart energy storage systems

The Glasgow Electric Plant Board (EPB) in the US is installing Sunverge Energy’s smart energy storage systems for demand response program. CTBR – News
28 Jun 2015

Google Launches “Sidewalk Labs,” Smart City Startup

Originally published on Sustainnovate. The seemingly ever-growing tech giant Google has now launched its first startup focused on the so-called “Smart Cities” movement, according to recent reports. The company — which has been dubbed Sidewalk Labs —
19 May 2015

China Ming Yang to buy China Smart Electric Group

China Ming Yang Wind Power Group has agreed to buy component supplier China Smart Electric Group for about RMB925.4m ($ 149m). CTBR – News
8 May 2015

ABB to implement rural smart grid project in Sweden

Swiss power technology firm ABB has won a contract to undertake a rural smart grid project on the Swedish island of Gotland in the Baltic Sea. CTBR – News
21 Mar 2015

Enel to invest EUR18bn in renewable energy and smart grid projects

Italian power major Enel is planning to invest around €18bn in emerging markets, renewable energy and digital power grids to boost profits and dividends over the next five years. CTBR – News
10 Mar 2015

Has Samsung finally changed its tune on the smart home?

When Samsung first got interested in the smart home, and IoT more generally, it approached the endeavor from the usual consumer electronics direction—create a closed ecosystem it could control and monetize… Gigaom Search
27 Feb 2015

City of Santa Ana, California selects IDModeling’s Sedaru smart water enterprise software

The City of Santa Ana Public Works Agency in California has selected IDModeling’s Sedaru smart water enterprise software. CTBR – News
11 Feb 2015

Grocery shopping might be less painful with this smart cart

Cambridge Consultants, a product development group based in the U.K., is showing off a connected shopping cart that can tell a retailer where you are in a store within three feet… Gigaom Search
9 Feb 2015

Trellie launches a Swatch concept for smart rings and bracelets

Components are finally getting small and cheap enough that ladies (and gentlemen) can expect fashionable connected jewelry that won’t break the bank or their fingers, which is why the wearables market… Gigaom Search
2 Feb 2015

Here’s how GE plans to make your older appliances smart

GE Appliance is sending out 20,000 Wi-Fi modules to let customers connect older refrigerators to the Wink smart home system, according to a Wink executive who will work with the appliance… Gigaom Search