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7 Oct 2015

Aditya Birla and Abraaj to invest in Indian solar power market

Aditya Birla Group has partnered with UAE-based private equity investor Abraaj Group to invest in Indian solar power sector. CTBR – News
7 Oct 2015

SkyPower to invest $1bn in solar power projects in Panama

SkyPower is planning to invest around $ 1bn to build 500MW of utility-scale solar projects in Panama over the next five years. CTBR – News
6 Oct 2015

Germany to provide EUR1bn in loans for solar power development in India

Germany has reportedly committed to provide around EUR1bn in loans for solar power projects in India over the next five years. CTBR – News
4 Oct 2015

Financing America’s Solar Revolution

Originally published on the ECOreport Renovate America has financed more than $ 950 million worth of solar power, energy-efficient HVAC/windows/roofing, water capture systems, and artificial turf projects since 2011. Its HERO PACE program has already been been
4 Oct 2015

Most Efficient Commercial Solar Panels In USA To Come From SolarCity?

Originally published on Solar Love. On October 2, SolarCity announced that it has developed the world’s most efficient solar panels. The new panels convert more than 22% of sunlight into electricity. SolarCity will begin producing the first of
2 Oct 2015

IBM Cognitive Technologies to Help University of Michigan Power its Race Car During World Solar Challenge

IBM Research announced that it is providing advanced solar forecasting technology to help the University of Michigan (UM) team power its solar car in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge, an 1,800-mile (3,000-kilometer) race across the Australian Outback.
2 Oct 2015

SkyPower to supply 150MW of solar power to Indian state Madhya Pradesh

SkyPower has agreed to supply 150MW of utility-scale solar power to the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. CTBR – News
1 Oct 2015

SunEdison To Sell 116 MW Of Utility-Scale Solar To Luminant

SunEdison has agreed to sell 116 megawatts (MW) of solar power to the Texas utility Luminant, which is the largest utility in the state. Currently, most of Luminant’s electricity is produced by burning coal. Additionally, Luminant is
1 Oct 2015

AES Unveils Securitization Of Solar Assets Totaling $100 Million

Originally published on Solar Love. The Colorado-based solar energy project developer AES Distributed Energy has revealed that it will be securitizing a portfolio of solar energy assets for a total of $ 100 million, according to recent
1 Oct 2015

Heraeus adds Product to its Patent Infringement Lawsuit against Giga Solar Materials Corp.

Heraeus announced that it has added Giga Solar Materials Corporation’s No. 610 Front Side Silver Paste Product as one of the Alleged Infringing Products in the Patent Infringement Litigation against Giga Solar Materials Corporation in Taiwan. On