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17 Sep 2014

Major Asian Markets Set To Lead Solar PV Growth

In a completely unsurprising turn of events, NPD Solarbuzz forecasts that global solar PV demand is being driven by major Asian markets, with India, China, and Japan leading the way. In a blog post on the NPD
17 Sep 2014

Rijn Capital Chile’s Solar Project Pipeline Is Now Over 500 MW

A new 35.8 MW solar PV power plant is now in the works in the northern Antofagasta region of Chile — with the environmental impact assessment application just put forward to the appropriate authorities by the developer
15 Sep 2014

Solar Farms Popular With UK Farmers

What a lovely sight to see the sheep among the solar panels. Modern farming is becoming dual purpose. The land between and underneath rows of PV models is accessible for grazing of small livestock, such as sheep
14 Sep 2014

Solar & The Georgia Public Service Commission

Solar has been taking off in Georgia. In fact, Georgia is ranked 7th for solar according to SEIA. However, solar continues to be an entertaining and sometimes confounding topic in Georgia. Join me as I interview former
13 Sep 2014

Mississippi Is Getting Solar!

Look at any national map for any clean tech category and there is usually a big blank spot in the Southeast US, especially for solar, but don’t discount the Southeast! The Southeast has the second best solar
12 Sep 2014

Dubai Set To Approve Rooftop Solar Power Policy

The emirate of Dubai is finishing the drafting of regulations for rooftop solar power, and is also considering the construction of utility-scale solar Dubai Set To Approve Rooftop Solar Power Policy was originally published on CleanTechnica. To
12 Sep 2014

sPower and Camborne partner to develop utility-scale solar projects in UK

Sustainable Power Group (sPower) and Camborne have formed a partnership to develop and acquire UK utility-scale solar projects. CTBR – News
12 Sep 2014

China Top-And-Tailing Crystalline Silicon Solar PV Chain

The solar industry has been subjected to an intense period of growth and maturation over the past 24 months, as a result of China’s impressive manufacturing capabilities and worldwide demand for one of the two major renewable
12 Sep 2014

Google to invest $145m in 82MW California solar project

Google has agreed to provide $ 145m in equity financing for the 82MW Regulus solar plant in southern California, US. CTBR – News
11 Sep 2014

JinkoSolar connects 100MW Chinese solar PV plant to grid

JinkoSolar has connected its 100MW solar PV power plant in Xiangshui, Jiangsu Province, China to the grid. CTBR – News