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23 Apr 2014

Nikola Tesla EV Rally Passing Through Tesla’s Birthplace In Smiljani, Croatia

The Nikola Tesla EV Rally — the international electric car rally with the highest prize money fund in the world (as it’s being billed) — will visit the birthplace of the icon of electrical technology, Nikola Tesla,
14 Apr 2014

Tesla’s Security Shortfalls

Originally published on Gas2. By Zachary Coffey A recent blog post by Nitesh Dhanjani, a respected security researcher and author, explains why Tesla needs to rethink many of its security standards. By cracking a user’s login credentials,
12 Mar 2014

Tesla’s Gigafactory Won’t Be In California, Texas Unlikely

Originally published on Gas 2. By Robyn Purchia. Now that Tesla has announced development of a $ 5 billion “Gigafactory,” everyone is wondering where it will be built. Well, we just got handed a clue: it’s not
1 Mar 2014

Over 1 Billion Electric Miles Driven In LEAFS, Volts, & Teslas (Well Over 1 Billion, Actually)

A CleanTechnica reader noticed this week that EV miles driven in the Nissan LEAF, Chevy Volt, and Tesla vehicles have clearly surpassed 1 billion electric miles. That’s based on Chevy Volt drivers who opted to share their
22 Nov 2013

Tesla’s store guru exits the building

One of Tesla’s top sales executives and the creator of its store experience — George Blankenship — left the company earlier this month, according to Blankenship’s LinkedIn page, and first reported by the San Jose Mercury News
1 Oct 2013

Tesla’s Insane Stock Surge — Why, & Why People Are Still Investing In Tesla Stock

At the beginning of the year, I had the strong sense that it was a good time to invest in Tesla. I had never bought stock before, but from covering the Tesla Model S and other electric vehicles, I
19 Aug 2013

Tesla’s latest Model S software update gets better sleep mode, Wi-Fi access

Electric car company Tesla has quietly released the latest over-the-air firmware (5.0) update for the Model S, reports Autoblog Green, and it comes with a better sleep mode, as well as other enhancements like the ability for
3 Jul 2013

Official: Tesla White House Petition Gets Tesla’s Support

The Tesla White House petition to allow direct sales of electric cars to consumers has now officially gotten Tesla’s support. Tesla Motors has been a game changer in the EV market, if not a role model for
6 May 2013

Tesla’s New “Performance Plus” Package

Tesla can’t stop. Gas2′s Chris DeMorro has a quick rundown of the “Performance Plus” offering in this Important Media cross-post. In many ways, the Tesla Model S is a car unlike any other, from the way it
3 May 2013

Tesla’s Latest 1-Up

It’s pretty dang hard to be a Tesla hater (and who would be?) when the company continuously offers the best products, services, and guarantees. Following up on a string of positive announcements, a couple statements released today