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3 Jul 2015

Record Tesla Model S Deliveries Surpass Tesla’s Expectations

Originally published on EV Obsession. Tesla* has released quarter 2 delivery data for its single on-the-market model, the Model S. Previously, Tesla said that it expected to deliver 10,000 to 11,000 Model S electric sedans in quarter
19 Jun 2015

Tesla’s New Li-ion Battery Labcoat Hero

Originally published on TeslaMondo. How many times have we heard that Tesla could die at the hands of a battery breakthrough? Some labcoat hero, we’re oft-warned, could suddenly render Tesla and its Li-ion Gigafactory obsolete overnight. Well, now
16 Jun 2015

Tesla’s Karate Kid Car?

Originally published on TeslaMondo. So what new information does this image offer? 1. Perhaps we can see what Elon means by the door opening “framing” the second row seat. 2. The transition from windshield to roof seems to,
31 May 2015

SolarCity’s Solar Panel “Gigafactory” Resembles Tesla’s Gigafactory So Far

Following on the company’s acquisition of the solar module manufacturer Silevo last year, SolarCity began work on a “Gigafactory” of its own — following in the footsteps of “sister company” Tesla Motors, you might say. The SolarCity
8 May 2015

Tesla’s Musk Says Powerwall Sold Out For 12 Nonths, Demand “Just Nutty”

Originally published on RenewEconomy Tesla says demand for battery storage products “just nutty”, and cites Australia and Germany as countries where household system will be economic. The hoopla around Tesla’s battery storage device continues apace, with Tesla founder
6 May 2015

Tesla’s Next Big Supercharging Focus: Japan

Originally published on EV Obsession. Tesla Motors will be making a large investment into its charging infrastructure in Japan — with all charging stations there being either powered directly by solar energy, or indirectly through solar energy
1 May 2015

Tesla’s Home Battery Offering In Context (Pricing & Competition)

I think one of the lessons of the day is to trust Elon Musk. When he said approximately a month ago that Tesla would be announcing a “major new product line” on April 30, he wasn’t using
25 Apr 2015

LG Chem Trying To Steal Tesla’s Home Battery Storage Thunder?

Branding is one thing Tesla has absolutely nailed. Well, one of many things. This week (or month) provided a rather obvious example of that for me. But first, a little background: As I think anyone who follows Tesla
24 Apr 2015

Energica Ego Electric Superbike Drag Races Teslas, Ferrari, BMW (Video)

Originally published on Gas2. Electric vehicles may be good for the environment, but they are proving even better for performance junkies. The Energica Ego electric superbike is just one example of taking mechanical performance to the next
19 Feb 2015

$53.1 Million Spent On Tesla’s Gigafactory Construction So Far, $4.95 Billion Still To Go

Construction on Tesla’s Gigfactory not far outside of Reno, Nevada, is starting to really pick up pace, according to recent reports — with at least $ 53.1 million already spent on construction, according to an analysis from the