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17 Apr 2014

The internet of things is great for chipmakers and a challenge for Intel

As chipmakers realize the power and increasing amount of silicon is inside our connected devices they are racing to own as much of the market as possible while publicizing their work in the internet of things. Yesterday,
16 Feb 2014

5 things everyone should know about Hadoop

It wasn’t too long ago that Hadoop was a shiny new technology — familiar to large web companies but foreign (and fascinating) to everyone else. Things changed fast and Hadoop is now a billion-dollar IT market underpinning
11 Feb 2014

The internet of things is a developer nightmare … and opportunity

This week’s podcast brings together Kevin Tofel’s new Pebble Steel purchase, my connected garage door and a deep discussion about data privacy in the connected world with this week’s guest Sam Ramji, the VP of strategy at
9 Feb 2014

What’s the best way to fund the internet of things?

When it comes to smart cities and the internet of things, everyone asks, “Where is the money?” I have observed very dissimilar points of view on financing for the IoT in keynote topics in conferences and in
4 Feb 2014

8 things Google Cloud could do to freak Amazon out

It’s sort of amazing how fast the Google Cloud Platform has gone from not-really-there to a contender for Amazon Web Services’ public cloud mantle, at least in terms of perception. This is not to say the gang
24 Jan 2014

7 Things IRENA Is Doing To Advance Renewable Energy

We’ve posted a number of stories about the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) activities over the past couple of years. Numerous times, in the comments, people have raised questions about how much IRENA is actually doing to
15 Jan 2014

This group just created a address book for the internet of things

The internet of things is coming, but few normal people want to be the intermediary between dozens or the hundreds of connected devices they will encounter each day. So devices must talk to each other but how
11 Jan 2014

Three things I liked at CES: new tech for your house, your skin and your Moleskine

One of the nice things about CES is that it’s not just about the big, flashy booths from the major consumer electronics brands. There is also plenty of room for smaller startups to show off their goods.
31 Dec 2013

PTC cozies up to the industrial internet of things, picks up ThingWorx for $112 million

The companies that build out the internet of things won’t just be making connected door knobs: they’ll also be cranking out all kinds of hardware and software for industrial applications like factories and assembly plants. With that
22 Dec 2013

The business of home automation is enabling the internet of things

If we think about the homes that have a broadband connection today as the total addressable market for home automation, the home automation market size turns out to be around $ 8.8 billion at $ 100 spent