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22 Jul 2014

Octoblu launches to make Skynet internet of things tools professional grade

Two former Bechtel executives have build code that links devices across protocols and platforms to let them communicate. They want to turn that code into a real business. Octoblu launches to make Skynet internet of things tools
8 Jul 2014

Intel, Samsung and others create new Qualcomm-free internet of things consortium

Like grains of sand on a beach, there are a seemingly infinite number of standards and protocols applicable to the internet of things. So I’m not sure if it matters that Intel, Samsung, Broadcom, Atmel and Wind
15 Jun 2014

Seven things I came across this week that are worth reading

Inspired by my friend Om’s regular series of “Seven stories to read this weekend” posts, I thought I would collect some of the pieces of writing that have impressed me and/or made me think this week, in
2 Jun 2014

Crate pitches its zero-admin data store for the internet of things and other high-concurrency sectors

Jodok Batlogg used to be the chief technology officer for StudiVZ, Germany’s big Facebook clone of the late 2000s. It was there that the Austrian discovered the joys of scaling, and where the seeds of his current
21 May 2014

Whistle straps its connected dog collar onto Sigfox’s new internet of things network

Quantified canine startup Whistle Labs is launching a new device that won’t just track your dog’s daily activity, but also its location. But unlike Tagg and other companies selling GPS dog tracking collars, Whistle is tapping into
20 May 2014

Someday, Her will be real. But first, an internet of things that obey our commands

Wit.AI co-founder Alex Lebrun has just one small dream: He wants to make artificially intelligent personalities available to every device we own. But even artificial intelligence systems have to crawl before they can walk. Any plan to create a system
20 May 2014

Thingful wants to crawl the internet of things, but is this the right model?

In the early days of the web people “surfed the internet from walled gardens of content often assembled by their ISP. Then outside portals such as Yahoo started building indexes of sites that one might go to
4 May 2014

How can we trust the internet of things?

The internet of things (IoT) promises us a world of intelligent fridges that automatically order groceries from the supermarket, smartwatches that relay our blood pressure to the doctor, and connected ovens that preheat when they see that
30 Apr 2014

Cisco invests in Ayla and Evrythng as part of $150M internet of things fund

Cisco’s investment arm is committing $ 150 million to back early-stage companies in the internet of things sector, and has begun with investments in two startups and one accelerator. Cisco has participated in funding rounds of London’s
23 Apr 2014

Are we nearing the Dropbox moment for the internet of things?

  The internet of things doesn’t exist today. We’re conflating the ease and ubiquity of the internet and the web with things that range from thermostats to jet engines. There is no common language. There is no