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21 Nov 2015

Microsoft’s Lumia 950: the shape of things to come?

Peter Bright of Ars Technica did us all a great favor by producing a detailed evaluation of Microsoft’s Lumia 950 Windows phone. I will leave to one side the review of the 950’s phone features, and zoom in
29 Aug 2015

BMW i3 REx Owners Hacking Their Cars For More Range, AM Radio, & Other Things

Originally published on EV Obsession. After a steep drop from the Tesla Model S, the BMW i3 is the most expensive electric car on the US market (just slightly above the Mercedes B-Class Electric). It is an attractive
19 Mar 2015

The internet of big, expensive, important things

The internet of things is not just about fitness trackers and smart thermostats. Gigaom Search
10 Mar 2015

Fear, food and the internet of things at SXSW

Unfortunate timing means I’ll miss a huge chunk of this year’s South by Southwest Interactive festival happening in my hometown of Austin, Texas this year. I’m both saddened a bit relieved… Gigaom Search
8 Mar 2015

How the internet of things will power the Intelligence Age

We’re currently shifting from the Information Age to the Intelligence Age. The Intelligence Age will be characterized by autonomous communication between intelligent devices that are sensitive to a person’s presence and… Gigaom Search
24 Feb 2015

Evrythng partners with Gooee in LED internet of things push

The internet-of-things identity management outfit Evrythng, which partnered up with Samsung not long ago, has struck another strategic partnership deal – this time with a new LED lighting player called Gooee… Gigaom Search
17 Feb 2015

Building an API-driven Ecosystem for the Internet of Things

IoT hardware is not the end game. New profits, margins, and innovations will come from services built on open, flexible APIs. Gigaom Search
14 Dec 2014

Why the sharing economy needs the Internet of Things

Organizations ranging from Zipcar to bike-sharing programs rely on remote unlocking and return of assets. Sharing economy companies that rely on individual assets need to do the same to compete on… Gigaom Search
15 Nov 2014

The internet of things isn’t producing a data deluge … yet

It might seem like the world is awash is in connected devices, but we haven’t seen anything yet. But the companies storing data from all those sensors say they’re not worried… Gigaom Search
4 Nov 2014

Looking for an architecture for the internet of things? Try DNS.

This week’s internet of things podcast gets deep on how to build a domain name system for the internet of things, but first Kevin and I discuss, Microsoft Band, Nest and… Gigaom Search