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14 Dec 2014

Why the sharing economy needs the Internet of Things

Organizations ranging from Zipcar to bike-sharing programs rely on remote unlocking and return of assets. Sharing economy companies that rely on individual assets need to do the same to compete on… Gigaom Search
15 Nov 2014

The internet of things isn’t producing a data deluge … yet

It might seem like the world is awash is in connected devices, but we haven’t seen anything yet. But the companies storing data from all those sensors say they’re not worried… Gigaom Search
4 Nov 2014

Looking for an architecture for the internet of things? Try DNS.

This week’s internet of things podcast gets deep on how to build a domain name system for the internet of things, but first Kevin and I discuss, Microsoft Band, Nest and… Gigaom Search
2 Nov 2014

Why EMC thinks it’s ready to power the internet of things

EMC President Jeremy Burton came on the Structure Show podcast this week to talk about the company’s current plan to deliver hybrid cloud-storage systems and its future plan to provide the… Gigaom Search
27 Oct 2014

The internet of things is becoming the next cloud battleground

As the competition among cloud computing providers steps up, so is interest in the internet of things. More connected devices — perhaps especially by governments rolling thousands at a time –… Gigaom Search
12 Oct 2014

Journalism’s biggest competitors are things that don’t even look like journalism

As journalist/programmer Stijn Debrouwere has argued in a persuasive essay about the challenges facing the news business, journalism isn’t being disrupted just by different forms of journalism — it’s being disrupted… Gigaom Search
9 Oct 2014

Budgee the robot will carry your things through stores and down city sidewalks

Five Elements Robotics will make Budgee available in the next few months. In 2015, it plans to release a second version of Budgee that would check out shoppers and carry their… Gigaom Search
8 Oct 2014

Coming this holiday to Best Buy and Target: The internet of things

It will be an automated holiday this year, with major big box retailers gearing up to stock and support connected home devices from a variety of vendors. Gigaom Search
4 Oct 2014

LogMeIn’s CEO shares tips on prepping your business for the internet of things

Enterprises are excited about the promise of the internet of things, but until they start connecting things, they may have little idea of the potential impact on their business. Gigaom Search
2 Oct 2014

Three things traditional media could learn from a crowdfunded Dutch news site

De Correspondent, the Dutch crowdfunding success story, has built a $ 2-million base of subscribers in just a year — and it has also learned a lot about how being open with… Gigaom Search