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24 Sep 2014

Watson may not know it all, but it sure taught IBM a few things

Mike Rhodin, IBM’s Watson chief, talked candidly about the technology’s power — and challenges — this week at Emtech 2014 at MIt. Gigaom Search
11 Sep 2014

WigWag intros new lights and a platform for the internet of things

WigWag, a smart home platform that consists of a hub, lights and sensors, is both a compelling way to automate your home as well as a trojan horse for a new run time environment for IoT. WigWag
30 Aug 2014

The internet of things requires connectivity first, but it needs people too

The internet of things may make our homes smarter and our car insurance more variable, but it might not mean the end of human intervention in business processes as some fear. The internet of things requires connectivity
21 Aug 2014

Estimote launches a Bluetooth Beacon sticker to add context to the internet of things

Beacon provider Estimote is getting deeper into the context business with Bluetooth-enabled stickers called Nearables that will let your smartphone know more about it’s environment and enable developers to build powerful new experiences. Estimote launches a Bluetooth
16 Aug 2014

Seven things I think are worth reading this weekend

Here are some articles I came across this week that I think are worth your time, including an optimistic piece about the future of email, a profile of the real brains behind Bitcoin and a look at
12 Aug 2014

Yo wants to connect the internet of things, but that’s easier said than done

Yo wants to be far more than a notification hub. Like IFTTT and larger platforms its trying to become the connective tissue between the web and the real world. Yo wants to connect the internet of things,
31 Jul 2014

Internet of Things: Envisioning an Even More Interconnected World

While we’re not exactly living in the times of Marty McFly or George Jetson, our world is quickly becoming smarter and more interconnected, thanks to the rapidly growing Internet of Things sector.  Internet of Things, or IoT,
24 Jul 2014

PTC to buy Axeda its second acquisition for the industrial internet of things

PTC, a supply chain management software company has become a surprise buyer of industrial internet companies. Today it said it would buy Axeda in a deal valued at $ 170 million. PTC to buy Axeda its second
22 Jul 2014

Octoblu launches to make Skynet internet of things tools professional grade

Two former Bechtel executives have build code that links devices across protocols and platforms to let them communicate. They want to turn that code into a real business. Octoblu launches to make Skynet internet of things tools
8 Jul 2014

Intel, Samsung and others create new Qualcomm-free internet of things consortium

Like grains of sand on a beach, there are a seemingly infinite number of standards and protocols applicable to the internet of things. So I’m not sure if it matters that Intel, Samsung, Broadcom, Atmel and Wind