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17 May 2014

Raise Federal EV Tax Credit To $10,000, Says Vermont Congressman

The key to kick-starting electric sales in this country is to raise the federal tax-credit for said purchase up to $ 10,000, up from the $ 7,500 where it stands currently, so says Vermont Congressman Peter Welch
13 May 2014

Vermont passes single-use battery recycling law

The Vermont House of Representatives in US has passed a bill that requires battery manufacturers to implement a statewide program by January 2016 for collecting and recycling batteries at their end of life. CTBR – News
3 Apr 2014

Vermont Boosts Solar By Nearly Quadrupling Net Metering Cap

Is the Green Mountain state about to become the green power state? As the battle over net metering policy is being fought in state legislatures across America, one small state has given solar advocates a big win
3 Apr 2014

Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin Signs Net Metering Expansion Bill

Last month, The Alliance for Solar Choice (TASC) announced big wins for solar in Washington and Utah. In Washington, utility-backed anti-competition legislation that would have given utilities monopoly control over the existing rooftop solar market died at
22 Mar 2014

Solar Net Metering Survival & Progress In Massachusetts, Washington, Vermont, & Utah

Originally published on PV Solar Report. Net metering continues to be a theme for solar, with legislative victories in several states. Massachusetts looks forward to favorable outcomes despite attempts to weaken net metering there. Last week, we
2 Jan 2014

RGS Energy, Green Lantern to build 4.5MW solar projects in Vermont, US

Real Goods Solar commercial and utility division RGS Energy has partnered with Green Lantern Capital to build seven solar projects totaling 4.5MW in Vermont, US. CTBR – News
12 Nov 2013

How Vermont Has Promoted Local Renewable Energy: Episode 10 of Local Energy Rules Podcast

“A lot of the utilities don’t totally understand this new paradigm that’s coming.” David Blittersdorf of AllEarth Renewables has been working to advance renewable energy in Vermont for years, and was instrumental in getting the state’s standard
16 May 2013

Renesola Supplies Solar PV Modules To 3 Community-scale Projects In Vermont

ReneSola, a leading global manufacturer of high efficiency solar photovoltaics (PV) modules and wafers has recently announced that over the last few months it has delivered solar panels to three community-scale solar projects being developed in Vermont,
29 Jan 2013

Solar Net Metering Equals Net Benefits In California And Vermont

Two new reports from California and Vermont show that net metering creates significant net benefits for consumers while strengthening one of the US solar market’s strongest drivers of new installations.  Rooftop solar installation image via Shutterstock Net
24 May 2012

Vermont Pioneers 10-Day Rooftop Solar Permits

One of the avoidable costs of going solar is the current unnecessary bureaucratic delays in getting the solar permits. When we went solar in 2010, it only took half an hour for the solar salesperson to convince