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21 Nov 2015

Tesla Seatbelt Recall Specifics, & Video On How To Check Your Seatbelt Yourself

Originally published on EV Obsession. Tesla has issued a voluntary recall for essentially all of the Model S electric sedans that it has sold over the last few years. The reason for the recall is a single report
14 Nov 2015

The not-so-distant future of mobile and video

Galia is COO and head of sales for Taptica. The mobile video advertising ecosystem is headed toward a major eruption. By the end of next year, the industry will take colossal strides to combat fraud and eliminate bogus
12 Nov 2015

Why it’s impossible to put Snapchat’s 6B daily video views in context

The last few weeks have seen a handful of massive social services announced measurements for video views that reach into the billions. But those figures are actually far less impressive (at least right now) when you consider
23 Oct 2015

Mobile video ads are poised to explode—So what’s holding it back?

Josh is chief executive officer at AerServ. Video has always been one of advertisers’ most powerful engagement tools. And as digital video in general has become a regular aspect of our… Gigaom Search
13 Oct 2015

Facebook beefs up its video platform to take on YouTube

Facebook wants people to watch more videos on its platform, even if those videos aren’t discovered within your news feed. In other words, Facebook wants to be more like YouTube. And today… Gigaom Search
8 Oct 2015

Video Of Tesla Model X Delivery, New BMW i3 Colors… (Clean Transport News)

Need some more electric vehicles, bike, walking, and dieselgate articles? Here’s a handful: Over 30,000 Pre-Orders For Tesla Model X According to a Fortune reporter, Elon told him there were already 20,000 and 25,000 pre-orders/reservations for the Tesla Model
5 Oct 2015

Chevy Bolt In Action (Video)

Originally published on EV Obsession. Sure, the Tesla Model X is great and everything, but how many of us can actually afford one of them? On that note, a new video of a Chevy Bolt mule in action
27 Sep 2015

1st In-Action Video Of Tesla Model X Falcon-Wing Door

Originally published on EV Obsession. Some spy shooters recently landed a gold mine while at Tesla’s factory in Fremont, California — they caught the Tesla Model X on camera with one of its falcon-wing doors opening and
26 Sep 2015

Get ready for anonymous video everywhere, says Panama app creator

Our social feeds are still primarily dominated by photos, despite the fact that our phones shoot killer video, too. But video composition is harder and somehow less mysterious than a lone… Gigaom Search
25 Sep 2015

Netflix, Hulu, more bringing video content to VR

At its Oculus Connect 2 event this morning, Oculus announced that a slew of popular video apps are coming to VR. Hulu, Netflix, Vimeo, Lionsgate, 20th Century Fox, Tivo, Twitch and Facebook are… Gigaom Search