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16 Jan 2014

WaterStop Carts Look To Flip Water Industry On Its Head

“Water” is actually one of our categories here on CleanTechnica — it doesn’t get as much love as solar energy or electric cars, but it’s a critical topic, and a lot of work needs to be done
6 Jan 2014

CGGC-undertaken Cambodian Lower Stung Russei Chrum hydropower station began to impound water

On December 13, CGGC-undertaken Cambodian Lower Stung Russei Chrum Hydropower Station began officially to impound water. CTBR – News
4 Jan 2014

John Kerry Throws More Cold Water On Keystone XL Pipeline

The tubes have been buzzing over a new New York Times report on Secretary of State John Kerry’s aggressive pursuit of a new global climate agreement, which  has some clear implications for approval of the controversial Keystone
28 Dec 2013

Giant Gleaming Eggs Will Help Solve Urban Water, Energy And Waste Problems

Not too long ago, cities could be labeled strictly as takers: taking in food, water, energy and other resources, while dumping out mountains of garbage and oceans of polluted wastewater. But take a look at the gigantic
16 Nov 2013

Low-Cost, Corrosion-Free Water Splitter Created From Silicon And Nickel

A low-cost means of producing hydrogen fuel — one that doesn’t result in the corrosion of the materials used, and uses nothing but sunlight and water — has been created by researchers at Stanford University. The new
29 Oct 2013

For drought-plagued farmers: a gel that can suck up 250 times its weight in water

The long history of threats of drought in California make the big agricultural state a solid testing ground for tech that helps farmers reduce water use without sacrificing production. That’s what venture capital-backed mOasis is counting on as
22 Oct 2013

My First Solar Water Heater — A 2-Year Review

Originally published on Green Building Elements I have been using a solar thermal water heater for nearly two years, and am now ready to share my experience with it. First: solar thermal water heaters (often just called
19 Oct 2013

Saft to supply lithium batteries for smart gas and water meter projects in China

Saft, a French manufacturer of advanced batteries, has secured two key contracts to provide primary lithium batteries for domestic smart gas and water meter installation projects in China. CTBR – News
18 Oct 2013

Black & Veatch to support hydropower programme of Scottish Water

US-based Black & Veatch will extend its support to the hydropower generation programme of UK-based utility Scottish Water. CTBR – News
7 Oct 2013

Jumping Water Droplets — Charged Droplets Discovery May Lead To New Power Generation Methods, And More Efficient Power Plants

In a new — and rather unexpected — finding, researchers at MIT have discovered that, under certain conditions, water droplets can actually “jump” away from a surface, rather than simply slowly slide off of one via gravity.