Water Archive

18 Aug 2014

Water Lens Uses Sunlight to Purify Drinking Water

A 6-foot-tall, self-sustaining magnifying glass uses sunlight to heat and disinfect polluted water. The Daily Fusion
12 Aug 2014

EBRD extends new €10m loan to Romanian water utility

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) is extending a new €10m loan to Romanian water utility SC Raja SA Constanta. CTBR – News
5 Aug 2014

MIT Turns Solar Steam Into Cheaper Energy, Clean Water

MIT scientists and engineers have a new twist on phase-changing renewable technology. It combines the most efficient generation of solar steam to date by our favorite energy machine, the sun, and a new graphite-based collection system. This method
4 Aug 2014

Replenishing California’s Investments in Water Technology

Here in Cleantech Group’s San Francisco office, we are acutely aware of California’s climate problem—that is, the worst drought on record in the state’s history. What’s alarming is that, despite the two drought emergency issuances by Gov.
30 Jul 2014

Research Predicts Global Water Shortage by 2040

According to a new research, there might not be enough water to keep the current energy and power solutions going by 2040. The Daily Fusion
12 Jul 2014

Veolia to sell Israeli water, waste and energy activities

Veolia has agreed to sell its water, waste and energy activities in Israel to global investment manager Oaktree Capital Management. CTBR – News
12 Jul 2014

Water and Ice in Hydrogen Fuel Cells Directly Imaged

Scientists at the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) have, for the first time, directly imaged the distribution of liquid water and ice in a hydrogen fuel cell. The Daily Fusion
10 Jul 2014

Scientists Take Snapshots of Photosynthetic Water Oxidation

An international collaboration of scientists led by researchers with the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) and the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory has taken detailed “snapshots” of the four photon-step cycle for water oxidation in photosystem II,
3 Jul 2014

Veolia secures €193m water contract in Australia

Veolia has secured a €193m contract from Hunter Water to operate 25 water and wastewater treatment plants in the Hunter region, New South Wales (NSW) Australia. CTBR – News
1 Jul 2014

EIB to lend €100m for Dhaka water supply system upgrade

The European Investment Bank (EIB) will lend €100m to finance a new sustainable surface water supply system in Dhaka, Bangladesh. CTBR – News