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25 Oct 2014

Mobile this week: Kindle Voyage takes off; Google Inbox reviewed; Apple iPad SIM lock(ed)

I upgraded from a Kindle Paperwhite to a Voyage this week. Was it worth it? Google’s new Inbox app takes some getting used to but shows potential, while the Apple SIM… Gigaom Search
20 Oct 2014

Top 10 CleanTechnica Stories of The Week

If you haven’t read these yet, the following articles were the top 10 most popular CleanTechnica articles from the past week. The theme: batteries… and Tesla. Enjoy! 1. More Tesla Model D Details Emerge: More details on a
14 Oct 2014

Top 10 CleanTechnica Posts From The Past Week

I’m a day later than normal with this, but here are the top 10 CleanTechnica stories from the past week, in case you missed any of them or just in case you are eager to know what stories
6 Oct 2014

Top 10 CleanTechnica Stories of the Week

Before Monday hits, be sure to check out the top 10 CleanTechnica stories from the past week: 1. Solar Energy Storage System For Homes and Businesses Unveiled (People like the idea of solar + storage…) 2. Is This Company Set To
5 Oct 2014

This week in bitcoin: Even as price slumps, bitcoin companies push global agenda

Wallet companies may be eyeing a play in the international remittance markets. Gigaom Search
29 Sep 2014

The week of the big cloud reboots

The week in cloud: Amazon Web Services and Rackspace both acknowledged that they needed to re-start a big chunk of their public cloud infrastructure due to a non-disclosed Xen issue. Gigaom Search
27 Sep 2014

Android this week: Galaxy Alpha look; big Nexus 6; Google’s Android control

A first look at the Samsung Galaxy Alpha shows more than just chamfered metal edges: The phone’s display and performance look good too. More leaks of the next Nexus indicate a… Gigaom Search
27 Sep 2014

This week in bitcoin: PayPal’s bitcoin embrace spikes the price, but not for long

Following last week’s flash crash, a price rebound was good for bitcoin — until it dropped again. Gigaom Search
22 Sep 2014

Social TV pioneer Miso is shutting down this week

Pioneering social TV service Miso will shut down this coming Thursday, according to an email sent to Miso users. The shut-down comes roughly 18 months after Miso’s assets had been acquired by… Gigaom Search
22 Sep 2014

Top CleanTechnica Stories Of The Week

Time for another roundup of the top CleanTechnica stories of the week. Check these out if you haven’t done so yet! And don’t forget to scroll through the comments. We have some awesome commenters. 1. Why Did Tesla