The early bird gets the worm…

I see it all the time – a great idea, turned into a product, gone through a testing process, and earned certification….but now what?  So often, innovators don’t know where to turn when seeking partners for pilot testing.  And so often, they eventually run out of money and take their technologies and ideas elsewhere.  In an effort to keep the innovation within Water & Wastewater, I’d like to highlight a few water utilities that have “lent a helping hand” to entrepreneurs – and come away with successful contracts.

American Water – Four of American Water’s utilities were offered up for piloting new smart grid technology from ENBALA Power.  The technology aimed to increase efficiencies, thereby reducing energy and water usage, and ultimately, costs.  This was done through demand response – an energy management program that allows users to earn revenue if and when electricity consumption is reduced during peak demand hours.  The two companies announced a formal partnership in the fall of 2011.

Clean Water Services – The Oregon water resources management utility implemented technology from Ostara Nutrient Recovery Technologies at a pilot project, and made plans to build a full-scale plant…

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