Where are they now? Corporate Activity in the Global Cleantech 100 Companies

In our 2011 Global Cleantech 100 report, we reported on the corporations with the most engagements (partnerships or investments) with Global Cleantech 100 companies on the 2011 list.    It’s clear that there is a mutually beneficial relationship between corporation and startups: Corporations need start-ups to source innovation; start-ups need corporations to scale innovation.   Quarter by quarter, year by year and from one event to the next, we see these relationships unfold through direct investments, research and development partnerships, and even mergers & acquisitions.  The question now is which corporations are leading the way?  Have more Global 100 companies benefited from corporate investments and partnerships?

In 2011, the top five most active corporations engaged with 50 of the Global Cleantech 100 companies. GE led the way with 22 investments.  Siemens, Google, IBM and PG&E rounded out the top five.

The top 20 corporations from our 2011 Global Cleantech 100 Report

2011 Corporate Chart

2011 marked a record year for Cleantech mergers & acquisitions with $ 41.6 billion involved across 395 transactions, an increase of 155% from 2010.  However, we’ve seen the M&A trend slow down a little in 2012 (especially with venture-backed  European Cleantech companies).  In the 2Q 2012 Cleantech Investment Monitor Briefing, we …

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